Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Paper Plate Killer"

Five weeks ago, I never could have imagined I'd do what I did today. I learned how to fire a rifle. Sounds easy enough, and rather mundane to most of you, I'm sure. But for me, it was a big deal. I'd always said I could never see myself handling a gun of any kind. I wasn't opposed to guns or their safe use... several members of my family hunt, and we've always had a gun or two at home, but I'd never been exposed to them beyond sight and knowledge of existence. I had no desire to ever fire a gun. That simple. Not sure what changed my mind, but today I did it. :)

*NOTE* slight editing made at instructor's request; changes appear in blue. Sorry about the yards/feet mix-up... I'm usually good about stuff like that. Thanks for the comments! I'm going to go let my ego swell for a bit now. :)

After a few basic lessons in gun safety inside the house (hehe, that was weird, but incredibly helpful), my instructor and I went away from the house down to a big dirt berm. We paced off the distance from our targets (small paper plates with crazily-drawn targets) at 50, 75, and 100 yards feet. I witnessed the firing of the .22 a couple times before taking my turn. Using open sights, my first ten rounds all hit my target within six inches of each other. Not bad... was hoping for a tighter group (hehehe, the instant over-acheiver), but I am not complaining with my first attempts. I tried a larger rifle next, a .30-30. Oh man, that one was wicked. I had it TIGHT to my shoulder and it hurt a bit. I think I fired three rounds before handing the rifle back over. Even still, I put two or three holes in my targets. Took some convincing to shoot a (12 gauge) shotgun... but I did... and it hurt... I successfully put a lot of little holes in a lot of leaves, and a few stray balls hit my plates, but I think I did more damage to the blackberries above and right of my plate. Back to the .22, I tried a few positions: prone, sitting, and standing. Prone was painful and awkward--I don't really have shoulders, so the butt was resting on my collarbone. Not good. Sitting was okay... I was still hitting my target consistently, but always high from center. I could use a lot more practice. All-in-all, I learned a TON more than I anticipated and had a good time. Still have no desire to actually kill anything, but I'd like to become more accurate and consistent... for a personal reason I will not share today.

I definitely broke out of my usual shell and tried something completely new and unlike me. Not bad at all for a first try... and now you can call me the "Paper Plate Killer" or something like that... ;)


Chris said...

Perhaps you should look into acquiring a Walther PPK...Miss Bond.

The Walther PPK meets to the following specifications:

* Calibre: 7.65mm
* Capacity: 6 rounds
* Length in total: 6.7 inches
* Height: 3.93 inches

Lindsey said...

I started with a rifle, again, for a very personal reason. I do appreciate the suggestion, but at the current time, I am not interested in owning any guns, nor in firing a handgun. Plus, I haven't the funds for any weapons.

And I don't really like James Bond movies... except the one I was in!

Anonymous said...

Clarification: The distances where 50, 75, 100, and 125 (at the truck) FEET. You shot mostly from the 75 mark because the 50 was just way to easy for you. You never shot my 30-06 you shot the 30-30. And you forgot to mention (or I forgot to read carefully) the 12 gauge shotgun. Good job by the way.

The Instructor.