Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pirates and Berry Picking

Both Thursday and Friday of this week have been rather busy and eventful. Thursday morning started off slow, but I managed to start cleaning the house and get some laundry going before Mom and Dad got home. Dad reminded me about the upcoming county fair; entries are due Sunday. I printed off six of my favorite photographs (all but two appear on the blog somewhere) and cut them out using some new Cutter Bee scissors while I watched "From the Earth to the Moon." Quick dinner, then Dad took me to see the new "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest." Any of my friends will tell you I'm into mythic piracy, one going so far to call me 'obsessed.' While I don't believe I was obsessed before seeing the film... oh man, I'm a pirate now! The movie was incredible: nonstop action, drama, suspense, and hilarious one-liners from my friend Captain Jack. From his unique entrance to the very last secret scene at the end of the infinitely long credits (stick around, it's great), I was on the edge of my most uncomfortable seat. Totally awesome! ARRRRRRR!

I got up rather late today, a trend I am starting to dislike about myself... the family readied and left for Childers' field and later Blueberry Meadows to pick fruit. We picked overflowing buckets of the reddest, ripest raspberries, but they weren't very sweet. No thorns, no bugs, no mud... the field was perfect. But the berries lacked... berry-ness. Oh well. The blueberry picking was phenomenal--berries hanging on the vines in clumps like matte grapes, just about as big too. There was a trick: stick your bucket under the clump and massage the berries off the vines. Picking those went really fast. Quick lunch, a stop for more foam-core board, and then back home to make pies (Mom's task). I cut my boards to fit the photographs, then mounted the photos on the boards. Titles, info on the back... off to the fair. Wish me luck!

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