Saturday, July 15, 2006

Praxis Results

I received my Praxis results today. Finally. I was ready to kill the next person that asked me if they'd come yet... between Mom, Grandma, and a few friends, it was an everyday thing. "No, they're not here yet, you'll know when they are." Like I was trying to hide them or something...

Results! I passed both of the multiple choice sections with room to spare. Not flying colors or anything, just got the job done. I scored better in the earth science and technology sections than on the life science section, a fact which surprised me. I was at the top of the curve with earth science and about average for both physics and life science. Not bad.

I did not, however, pass the essay section. There were three essays, all very challening questions I answered to the best of my ability... and I was very close to passing, but did not. I have the option to retake this section (at full price) next September, and I do intend on retaking it.

Pleasantly surprised to have passed, but disappointed I came so close only to fail the last section. Kinda bummed...

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