Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tomcats and Mustangs

I'm not really a tomboy, not like some people would think. I have my girly side, even though it doesn't shine all pretty and pink all the time. That said, I can definitely appreciate a fine piece of machinery. I mentioned in my second list of favorite things (below, one post), my awe of the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. *drool* This picture to the right shows an F-14A from the VF-74 squadron, the Be-Devilers, which were disestablished in 1994.

There are two incredible airplane museums in Oregon: Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum and the Evergreen Aviation Museum. I have been to both, and was in awe of the power, the size... the... everything. I sat in the cockpit of an F-14, and later, I stood inside the largest plane that has ever flown, the Spruce Goose. I will never be able to accurately describe how BIG that bird is, but the Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird is a small black blob sitting next to the body and under the wing of the enormous Goose. Look at the EAM homepage - it has a great picture of the Spruce Goose inside the hangar and all the little planes sitting under the wingspan. That's the view as you drive up... wow. :)

The irony to all of the text above: I've been in dozens of airplanes at museums and airshows over the years. I understand how they work. I even have two different quality flight simulators on my computer. But I've never flown anywhere. Ever.

Smooth lines, speed, style... the Mustang is a sweet car. Okay, okay, so it's not rare or the fastest car on earth or the most expensive (Dusenberg link removed)... but I really like Mustangs, preferably 1964-1968 models and the newest models after 1998. Not a huge fan of fastbacks. Just a stock Mustang, no frills, nothing extra. I have been in a couple Mustangs from varying years. The low rumble, the soothing vibration... *tingle* ;)

Well, I'll never be able to afford (let alone find for sale) a Tomcat, so I'll keep to the road.

P.S. All right... I confess... there is one other reason I really like Tomcats: David James Elliott.

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