Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Blacklight Dancing

Tonight I danced. The night started off with a one-hour lesson about how to move seductively on the dance floor in WCS and other dances. I don't know much WCS, but I am aware of body posture and position. I know what makes my body look good, and what moves make me look stupid. We learned a little routine to showcase our bodies. After running through the whole thing only twice, we ended the lesson. Two hours later, we all performed for the boys (who were not allowed to watch us practice). I don't know how well it was received, but I felt foolish and cheap doing it. Hopefully I didn't look that bad.

Don't get me wrong, I love performing, being on stage, having people watch me do something I love. Tonight just felt weird. I can do the moves... no problem. But I felt wrong. If I'm going to move seductively, I need motivation. Without a guy to dance for, I just couldn't do it the way that routine needs to be performed.

The rest of the dance was fun. Themed "Blacklight Night," we all wore white shirts and danced under the blacklights. That was pretty cool, except the disco balls were throwing too many little shapes onto the walls, and I got super dizzy. Lots of conversation, lots of dancing. Painted my face with highlighter so I had lines that would glow... interesting to watch my partner try to figure out if my face said something or not. At least it kept them from staring at my chest all night like usual. Except for when I was doing the dance routine with the girls... I'm sure they were checking me out up one side and down the other.

And then there was pain... my new shoes are super smooth to dance in. Zero cushioning in the forefoot. I need to add some kind of insole to pad the ball of my foot, but I have absolutely no room to add a sock, let alone more gel. I danced in the new shoes for an hour or so before I decided the tingly warm madness from my hips south was enough. Switched back to my flats and danced the rest of the night away.

Now for the rehydration... ugh.


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

Your ladies' performance was very well received. I take the fifth as to our investigatory practices while you were dancing. I noticed your bracelet glowing, but did not your highlighter'd face. The blacklights really need to be improved as only the most highly reactive items (namely your bracelt/band) and the newest, very white clothings shone to the extent they were intended. It was lots of fun, save for the dizzying swirly-lights and that damned sprial laser.

Anonymous said...

to break in a new pair of shoes, especialy leather, which i assume your new shoes are, one of hte best ways i recomend, is to soak them in water and wear them around till they are dry, then get some good leather conditioner and fully saturate them. This is what i do with my $400 boots, works wonders,

Lindsey said...

UDM: So good to hear from you again! I totally agree about that laser thingy... it was horribly distracting.

Anon: my shoes are leather, but they have chrome leather (suede) soles which are not supposed to be wet. I've heard this suggestion several times from my Army and Marine friends. I need to have them stretched professionally. Thank you kindly for your suggestion and comment, I appreciate that you care enough to post.