Thursday, August 24, 2006

Headache Insanity

I can handle stress pretty well overall, especially short-term stuff and difficult situations. However, there have been times where I get stressed for a month or two straight, and this job searching is one of those times. I need a job now.

When I get stressed for long periods of time, I develop headaches. Not a tension headache, not a migraine-type headache, but a piercing, blinding, contant pain on the top left of my head that lasts about half a minute. I can't think, I can just barely see and breathe when they come on. Thankfully, they only last seconds-- I grit my teeth and try to focus through them. As soon as the searing pain passes, I'm totally fine, like nothing happened. I'll get five or ten of these in a day, all unexpectedly. They really suck. I saw a doctor about them a couple years ago (the first time they occurred); she diagnosed them as "idiopathic neuralgia," which translates roughly to "nerve pain of unknown origin." Essentially, my brain is misfiring and my body reads it as pain, cause unknown.

So just in case you were wondering, yes, I really am a nut case. And my head hurts.

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