Thursday, August 31, 2006

Help from OSU Career Services

Sensing the need for help on my career search (and after some not-so-gentle pushing from my mother), I met today with a career counselor at OSU Career Services. We talked about my current situation (jobless, pennyless, and miserable), and where I have been looking for jobs.

The good news: I'm doing everything correctly. I'm looking in the right places, seeking appropriate jobs, and applying in the correct fashion. My résumé looks fantastic, as does my cover letter. The very nice woman could tell I'd taken WR214, Business Writing, because my professional documents are both visually appealing as well as packing in information.

The bad news: Science majors, without further education, have a tough time getting science-related jobs. Most kids like me head straight off to grad school. I was not accepted. Initially very upset, I'm actually rather glad I'm not in school right now. I think I've had enough formal education for a while... although teaching still remains a goal.

Other news: I finally got something today that I've been needing for a long time--encouragement. My friends have been great at telling me, "something will come along, just wait." I love you guys. :) But... there is something different about hearing it from someone actually in the workforce. Hearing that I'm doing things correctly, that I just need to make very slight modifications to my plan, seeing that I'm not alone, feeling wanted... totally boosted my self-confidence. Not like I gained an ego, but just having someone sit down with me and not lecture or rant... it felt really good.

Back to the hunt...

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