Thursday, August 24, 2006

No creative title for this drivvel...

I dropped off or mailed seven more applications yesterday and today, no word yet on this latest batch. My goal is to send out three each day, so far I'm just over my target, which is great. I'm afraid I'm having to expand the search radius to include Salem and a few out-lying areas... trying to stay local so I can live at home (at my parents' insistence).

Yesterday, while out dropping off applications, my sister joined me on a side-trip to a few stores to look for new business-y, professional shirts. She suggested the ever-popular Maurices store. No offense, but I'm not fifteen anymore. I wasn't swayed by the ultra-low shirts or this new long shirt fad (it looks like girls are trying to either hide their bulging stomachs by making longer shirt lines, like maternity clothing, or a cut-off dress). I pulled her next door to Christopher & Banks. The store hasn't been my favorite, always seeming teacher-y or something, but it was definitely more professional than the previous store. I found one dark chocolate brown shirt (on sale, over 60% off) that will look very nice paired with either jeans or khakis, and my sister found a beautiful lavender/olive see-through top that makes my green eyes shine. Thanks sis!

Tonight, my grandma called Dad to tell him that his aunt passed away this morning. Not pleasant news, but we expected it. The funeral will be on Sunday.

The refrigerator! Oh man, my parents' refrigerator died this week. They bought the fridge when they bought their first house, three weeks before I was born, just about 23 years ago. Instead of calling a repair man, they opted to go ahead and purchase a new model. I have to agree with this decision, primarily because it'll be less money in the long run, a newer model, more space, and it isn't my money. ;) BUT! In the meantime, we've been using the garage fridge to keep cool things cool and the big freezer to keep cold things cold. This means we have to go all the way out to the garage to get anything, and we have no ice cubes since the ice maker died too. Thankfully, the new refrigerator will be delivered tomorrow and peace will be restored to the world.

Field burning continues. Sometimes the sun fades out like it's going to storm or something... big brown clouds of smoke and field crap fly right over town. The aerially-uninclined black shreds of grass can't lift over the mountain, so they fall all over our neighborhood. I can't walk outside anymore without my feet or shoes becoming black with soot. Haha, yes, we here in the "country" walk outside without shoes. All the way out the back door onto the patio to see the cats or take a picture... sometimes across the smooth grey garage floor concrete to steal a pop from the ugly (and now very overstuffed) green fridge. But the field burning sucks.

Watched an old JAG episode today: Ron Livingston had a part! Totally awesome to see him in a role he did so long ago, seeing that I've followed his career rather faithfully. And oooh, that man looks good in Marine green... not too bad shirtless either. ;)

I'm going out to play some holey board. Because it hurts to think, because I don't want to talk to anyone, and because I need the practice.

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