Friday, August 25, 2006

OR Blogs

Hooray! ORblogs finally added my site, so now people (specifically other Oregonians) can find my blog. This is great - readers are always welcome! This is also kind of scary - the more readers I have, the more I wonder what/how much people read into what I'm saying.

I can't wait for some kid I went to high school with to find my blog and go, "whoa! we actually voted her 'most likely to succeed?' wow..." and either be surprised that I'm done with my degree or not employed by some high-powered company or not a professional musician... Seeing as how I'm still in contact with the few friends I had in high school (and they already know about my blog), I don't particularly care what anyone else I graduated with thinks. :P

Basically, this post is a shameless self-promotion for ORblogs and my blog. Shameless. Yay me! ;) hehehehehehe

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