Monday, August 28, 2006

Outsourced Button

I've been blogging for several months, almost entirely without incident. I learned how to edit HTML code, learned how to post pictures, and manage to write some nearly interesting stuff now and then.

But Blogger finally got it's revenge. I tried to add the ORblog location code to my blog so that people could find me by location, but when I edited the HTML post-beta-converstion, I found that I can't refresh my blog. Which means ORblog doesn't pick up my hidden code. Which defeats the whole reason for joining in the first place. HELP!

I liked my "republish" button. I want my "republish" button back. What is this, revenge of the Google-ified mega corp? It's like it got outsourced... they outsourced my republish button!

Speaking of buttons, on a recent visit to my grandma, she gifted me this antique thing. Has anyone heard of a "buttoneer?" I seem to now own the oldest version of this contraption, the plastic pieces so old they break upon touch (sometimes sight!). Possessing the know-how, I've sewn many buttons back onto clothes and projects. What am I ever going to do with this? Never used, but brittle, I think it could be worth something... any ideas?

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