Wednesday, August 09, 2006 ease suffering

I'm still having quite the identity crisis, plus one of my ears is all wonky... but at least my new ballroom dance shoes have finally shipped from the southeast--hopefully they'll be here soon.

Neither of my grandmothers are doing very well right now. One recently had a TIA, and her doctor found blood clot in her jugular vein today. More tests will determine how they handle the clot, but right now it's rather scary. The other grandma had a trip to the ER this weekend. I went over to see her yesterday: she looked sick. No temp, but she looked awful. Today, I took her to her regular doctor to follow up on the ER visit, and she seemed better, but she said she was in a lot of pain. Even worse, she just found out her only sister probably won't survive beyond next week. My great aunt is in her 90s, has stopped eating and taking her meds, and doesn't recognize anyone she sees.

I would like to have a nice, meaningful post for you to read, but I'm not up to it tonight. ...I'm just... down about everything, confused, angry, sad. I wish I had the power to ease suffering. That's the superpower I want. Not invisibility or indestructability. Not x-ray vision or flight or strength. just to help ease suffering.'s really hard to give yourself a hug.

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Jeff Waddell said...

Hope they are feeling better- *hug*