Friday, September 15, 2006

Blog Updates and Some O 'n' B

I'm still having major issues with ORblog's meta tags. Blogger Beta won't allow me to retain quotation marks and auto-replaces them with apostrophies in my HTML code. UGH! I've been at this far too long...

Other huge updates around the site:
  • I added/updated my Links/Blogroll and Recipe for the Perfect Man.
  • I added a Geocaching weblink/statistic counter for found caches - now you, too, can keep track of my unchanging "Found" count.
  • I also added a small animation. One comment reads, "That blogger guy is probably the most disturbing thing I've ever seen!" No, Jeff, watching you eat ketchup off of a table at Shari's is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. The little guy is just frustrated... because he's either blogging too much or can't figure out what to write.

No weekend plans, not much going on at all around here... still job hunting, sending out applications every day. Depressing really, but I try to stay positive about it and continue to hope that I'll find work soon.

I find God continuing to work in mysterious ways, giving me a huge Opening this week. I never expected to be either this happy or this driven, and yet I find myself withdrawing. Yet again, the Block in my life is me. Does God answer pleas for sanity? What about wisdom? Time will tell...

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