Monday, September 18, 2006

'Caching and Chatting


My weekend was pretty boring on the whole... didn't do much. Dinked around on Saturday, sent off two more applications (to the City of Albany, if you must know), and heard three more responses, all "no." Visited with some family on Sunday afternoon - that was cool.

Received the "MySpace is evil" and "IMing will rot your brain" lectures. In truth, I don't use MySpace very often, have my profile set to private, and don't put much up there about me anyway. I use MySpace mostly for family (it's kinda sad how many of my friends there are actually family members), and I use Facebook for OSU friends. I don't have any dates or numbers or contact information up on either of them now, although there are links to this blog on both sites. So, in theory, if you need to find anything about me, you could just look here. Haha, if you're reading this blog, you already figured that part out! As for instant messaging (IMing), I use it to contact my friends, keep up on their lives, and discuss important matters (like what to eat for dinner - a conversation with my sister - who is sitting in the next room).

The highlight of my weekend was a Geocaching trip to Corvallis with a friend. I introduced him to the tech/sport, and we night-cached. Lessons learned: darkness makes it hard to see things; always pack extra batteries for the GPS; and mark where you left your vehicle on the GPS. The good news--we found three more (I found them, but I think I made him stick his hand in the holes, so I can rightly claim them) of the six we went after. The better news--no serious injuries on this trip! The best news--lots of fun and great conversation.

Then I got home and there was no power. Boo to not having power.

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Those are pretty pictures in your slideshow:)