Sunday, September 03, 2006

Favicons and Stuff

You know you spend too much time sitting at the computer when you are anticipating the screen saver on a TV. True story.

You know you're too heavily invested in blogging when you check your own blog to see if it has been miraculously updated in your absence. True story.

You know you're a band geek when, while watching college football games, the sound of the percussion line and scooped snares and ringing quints and stair-stepped bass drums sends chills down your spine. This may be true, but I'll never admit to it freely. ;)

I took some time yesterday to develop a favicon. The favicon is a small symbol next to the web address of this page in your browser's address bar ^^^ up there. If this works, and I know it does in Mozilla, you'll see a small intertwined U and N, obviously for "Uniquely Normal." Learning what a favicon was and how to display them took an hour. Finding a site to host my favicon took another half an hour. Then I actually had to create the blasted thing. I have so many graphic editing tools at my disposal including Fireworks, Paint Shop, and Picasa2. What did I use? Paint. Pixel-by-pixel, I edited my letters. The hard way. I'm *such* a geek! Any comments or suggestions? Now that I know what I'm doing...

Received a beautiful fountain pen a few months ago--I had no idea how much fun those are to write with. Of course, I knew... I've wanted one forever and ever. But OH! Makes signing my name feel... ... ... important.

This is the first autumn in eighteen years that I've not gone school clothes or supply shopping. Preschool, K-12, and college. It's finally starting to sink in that I'm out. And I'm not really going to miss watching kids in my class eat glue, having "school nights," or eating squished peanut butter sandwiches. I kinda miss that new crayon smell though...

Emily is coming down tommorow to go dancing with me: YAAAAAAAY!!!! Well, yay that I'll actually get to see Emily! and yay for dancing! but she won't actually dance with *me.* She'll dance with boys. YAY! for dancing with boys! Correction: YAY! for dancing with nice boys that aren't sweaty or smelly or rude or crappy leads or obnoxious or ...I find myself suddenly without a partner... um... hello? guys... hello? I mean, YAY! for dancing with Emily!

Somebody needs to lay off the chocolate for a while... NEED CHOCOLATE! must stay away GIVE ME MORE! *twitch* ARMGH ARMGH MMMMMMMMMM :) *twitch*

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Betsy said...

The favicon shows up nicely in Firefox, fyi - nice job!

I would suggest getting something a little better than Paint, though - Paint.Net is free, fairly easy to use, and it'll let you resize photos as well.