Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Kusudama, shown in two versions here, are modular balls made of paper. The paper is never cut, square, and interlocks to form these shapes. Thirty pieces of equally-sized paper are required to form one ball.

My sister folded the paper for the first one, below, solid-colored paper. I assembed the pieces. This model is slightly smaller than the other one, perhaps five or six inches across.

The model on the left was entirely my own folding and assembly, larger initial squares yielding a model approximately seven to eight inches across.

This construction is considered advanced as far as model assembly goes. I can't even describe how hard the last piece is to fit just right.

My frustration with the first attempt resulted in the use of tape to hold the pieces together, apologies to true origami masters. But you can't see the tape, so it doesn't exist, right? ;)

Very difficult, but still fun. What think ye?

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SuziQoregon said...

Very cool !!

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