Thursday, September 07, 2006

More Changes, Categories

On the left, you will see new features. UDM commented that I used to have a better archived section, allowing links to previous posts. I agree, so for a while, I'm going to try this new grouping system. Please let me know what you think.

I've also added more categories and browsed through every old post sorting things out. Feel free to look at blogs by category or date now. Sheesh, all these features! Not every post made it into a category though... if you think something has been miscategorized or don't like one, tell me.

Yes, I do use this blog for me, not for you. At the same time, I realize this is a rather public forum for me to vent my frustration, share my joy, etc. That said, I'm opening up a section to answer questions. Have a burning question, a silly question, a random question? ASK ME! I'll answer anything (perhaps seriously, perhaps sarcastically, this could be fun).

Hmm... which category does this go in?


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

Thanks for bringing the archive listings back, UN!

Perhaps your "Questions & Answers" space should be categorized under "Q/A" (Quandries Accounted)?

Jaggy said...

I'm not "UN." That would suggest that I *was* something in the first place. :P No problem about the switch - it'll take some getting used to though.

I'm working on a form feature that allows people to directly send me e-mails from the face of my blog, but I still suck at this HTML/CSS coding.

HAHA! Maybe I'll make the update and not tell anyone, get tons of e-mails from people saying they hate it, and then have to revert. ;)

Uninformed Decision-Making said...

You referred to me by my acronymized handle, I saw it only fit to return the favor. It's not my fault your uniqueness has caused you some imaginary grief. :P Besides, "UN" is not the same as "un" or "Un" unless all the other letters are capitalized as well.

Also, you were "something in the first place." I would imagine you are still to this day as well: very special.

Make the uninformed update, receive hate mail and laugh about it when you're dancing. :D Convert nothing! This is your domain, so let not others dictate you.