Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Interviews...

Yesterday was insane but very fun in the end. I had a real interview that seemed to go well in the early morning, then went to a mock interview in the afternoon at OSU Career Services. They were most helpful in telling me that I'm not alone (still) in my job search. Apparently I'm pretty good at interviewing too, since the woman interviewing me couldn't suggest much to improve on beyond some tiny details. "The devil's in the details," I know.

I stuck around on campus to visit the place I worked there through my senior year. I miss those girls so much! Great people, great organization, very cool place to work. They tried very hard to create a position for me to stick around, but the funding just isn't there. Sad, but true. Changed from my interview clothes to my less formal dancing clothes, had an amazing dinner with a friend, and then went dancing for two extra hours than usual! My Local Boyz craving is gone--oh, man... sooooo tasty. I can't express how good that food is.

Great having friends home from summer jobs and vacation now - especially those that dance. I wish the few kids I graduated with would come back... but we're all moving on and away. Time to do that "growing up" thing now... *sniff*

Well, I can't say that I'll ever really grow up. I sat down to a lunch of applesauce, Good & Plentys, and Goldfish crackers. How "four years old" is that?

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