Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More of the same

There are "how are you?" people and reflexive "how are ya?" people. The former seem to genuinely care about the answer. The latter piss me off. If you're going to ask a question, care about the answer. That's all I ask of you when it comes to me.

Submitting job applications every day, even getting at least one interview each week... nothing yet though. I have to take a math test before my interview tomorrow. Not very excited about that. My math skills are great, but it still makes me angry to have to take more tests now that I'm out of college. Thought that crap was behind me.

I've been dancing twice each week lately, and my mood has gone up so much. I'm motivated, excited about things, and actually smile sometimes. :) It helps me focus during the day if I've had a decent workout... something about 'shakin' my sillies out' (it's a Raffi reference for you non 20-to-25-year-olds out there).

ORblogs is finally recognizing my meta tags - YAY!

Talk Like a Pirate Day was a ton of fun yesterday. I have "Sid Meier's Pirates!" on my computer, and the game has an 'easter egg' that changes all of the words to pirate-speak on TLAPD. Just a really neat thing to see.

Stuff to do, calls to make, life goes on off my blog. :)

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Uninformed Decision-Making said...

I'm glad dancing has brought some energy and joy to you. May you dance as often as you like with whomever you choose. :)
Arrrr, indeed. You can change the system date on your computer to be TLAPD whenever you want to play with the egg enabled. :)