Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Observing, observing, observing"

One big brownie point for the first person to correctly identify who said the quoted title to this post. Brownie point not enough for ya? Personal shout-out then? Sheesh, whiners!

Four applications submitted online, five more on my bed waiting for envelopes, three more to finish supplemental questions and mail... I'm going to go broke on stamps alone.

I watched "Take the Lead" last night. I want to go dance. Now. NOW!

Mom is out in the kitchen making and canning applesauce. I can't begin to describe how smooth and perfect her applesauce is. My sister and I rarely ate purchased, pre-made applesauce growing up. So sweet and syrupy... Mom's is sugar-free; she doesn't need to add any sugar because the apples are so sweet. This year, Mom and Dad went down to a friend's house and picked mighty Gravenstein apples. They're GOOD sour, so good... I'll post pictures of this biennial event later.

Dancing every day in the spring, I quickly developed quite the abdominal muscles. Dancing, more than anything I've experienced, is a great core workout. Not dancing as much this summer (still at least once a week), I'm losing all that hard work. Good news: I enjoy sit-ups and do them often. Bad news: I hurt after a dozen or more... and I do not subscribe to the theory of "no pain, no gain." Pain is bad; if it hurts, don't do it.

I've been gender-ized. It's really weird to me, but apparently other people think this is normal. When I go to my family's different houses, say, for Christmas or a big family BBQ, each gender assumes specific time-honored roles. Women do the food prep (like they're feeding the entire state, not just our family... hmm, Germans?), work in the kitchen, and do the cleaning. Men watch TV, work outside, and do the fixing. I've been observing this trend from the first minute I was asked to help wash dishes. Why, simply because I'm female, must I do women's chores. I want to fix things too. I do not agree with gender-specific roles. Whatever job I do is a girl's job. :P

That said, I don't really consider myself a feminist or part of the feminist movement. Oh man, I'm going to hear it for this one, I know. Seriously, what is wrong with being "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen?" I think I'm a bigger part of the "respect each person, equal rights across gender lines, equal pay for equal work" movement. I don't think standards should be different for women in a traditionally male role: either the individual can or cannot fulfill the requirements of the position. Okay, unleash the comments...

I'm using Blogger Beta and the transition has been less than smooth. They finally updated Beta enough to allow HTML editing, but the whole thing is wonky now. I just want to add ORblogs script for location and keyword use. Why do they have to make things so difficult?

Ugh, sitting in this desk chair for twelve hours a day is killing my back. Any [cute, single] boys out there willing to work on some seriously tight knots?


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

Praise be to the Buddha.

If you don't mind lying on your tummy for (upto) 5 hours while I work, then I am very willing to work on your "seriously tight knots." Especially if you make available the appropriate substances of divinity of which you've mentioned much previously. All I need is a girl, bed / flat-soft-surface, pillows and oils and I'm good.

Lindsey said...

1. Why would you be on my tummy?
2. Substances of divinity? WTF?
3. You keep your hands where I can see them, mister... this blog is G-rated!

Uninformed Decision-Making said...

1. You misread my words: you would be lying on your own tummy so your shoulders, back, neck, legs and feet might be accessable to my hands for manipulation (whichever you deem in need of massaging.)
2. You noted massage oils are "devine" in the past.
3. Unless you want my hands on your front side "where you can see them," I would be mostly out of sight behind you working on your near-spinal regions. I'm not the one with her mind in the gutter!

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA He has a point!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, it was GIR of Invader Zim that said, "Observing, observing, observing"

Lindsey said...

Okay, shout-out to "anonymous" for correctly identifying that the title quote is by GIR; message via IM. Brownie points for thinking about me and reading the blog. See... sometimes you care. :P

Mom of Three said...

My grandmother used to make the most amazing applesauce. It was chunky, all country. When I was little, we would visit her in Paradise, California. Back then, the whole area smelled like hot fruit in orchards, and pine needles baking into the red earth. I remember the smell of toast and coffee in the mornings. But I can still taste that applesauce, 30 years later.