Thursday, September 14, 2006

Odd Talks

Why do the best conversations seem to happen in dark, nearly-vacant parking lots late at night? No, not the kind of conversation when something dramatic happens or relationships blossom. Just the old-fashioned friendly chats that leave you thinking and inspired. :)

Had a great time dancing tonight! A friend and I started a song with a Foxtrot but switched back and forth to Lindy a couple times - challenging to transition the two styles, but very fun. We danced a Hustle super fast! I crashed at the end, just dead tired. I'm told that people stared--don't care. Definitely working hard on some posturing and position, trying to work with mirrors, but the dance halls I've been in this summer don't have them; can't wait to get back to the ballroom at OSU. Good luck to all the OSU West Coast Swing dancers headed up to Bridgetown this weekend!!!


Jeff Waddell said...

That blogger guy is probably the most disturbing thing I've ever seen!

Uninformed Decision-Making said...
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Jaggy said...

It is rather annoying as it continues repeating whilst I attempt to read the newest minutia of Jaggy's life. I've since removed it from my viewing space. (Gotta love browser extensions! :D)

-ADMIN EDIT: sorry, UDM, had to edit this post via deletion and reposting. Not to mention that I had to read it six times before I understood WTF you were saying. :P