Friday, September 08, 2006

Piracy, Girly Stuff, and a Laugh

If I was ever pirate crazy before, I'm pretty sure I topped that today. You know who you are, and you are welcome. By the way, you're just feeding a crazy person... "Pirate" M&M's are better than regular ones. I know. I had them for breakfast.

Have a real interview Monday morning, a mock interview at OSU Monday afternoon, and dancing Monday night. I haven't been this busy in one day all summer! Irony: I'm going to be bored between events, so very bored. At least I'll be in Corvallis during regular dinner hours and can go to Local Boyz! The cravings are almost unbearable at times.

Okay, so I do have one rant, and I can't believe I'm going to post this publicly, but it pisses me off. I'm sure my female readers will agree with me too. *gulp* They changed one of the feminie hygeine products I use. Not like the outer wrapper went from pink to green or something trivial. Oh no, they changed the whole design. Engineering overhaul; outsourcing probably involved. I really liked the old version--that's why I bought it. Took me a long time to find what I liked. Now I have to test, retest, and evaluate an essentially new product for ... well, let's just say I'm less than pleased with this whole thing. I swear, there should be voting involved with these changes. Letter writing. Group creation...

Oh, wait, that was Facebook... ;)

NO MORE CHANGES WITHOUT CONSULTING ME! because, after all, I'm the Captain of this boat...ship... ARRRRRR!


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

As an aside, you could start a revolutionary facebook group, invite all your friends and send untold numbers of letters to the manufacturer(s) declaring their own incompetence... If only it were so easy, no?

May you find a redeemable product item to replace your previously noted "acceptable" item.

Jaggy said...

Or... I could just deal with it.

Thanks for the wish... um... yeah... no offense, but you're a DUDE. Even if you had a sex-change operation, became incredibly understanding, and well, you just can't understand. No apologies from me. :P

But thanks. :)

Uninformed Decision-Making said...

I realized my "dudeness" many a moon ago, but thanks for noticing. :P As the son of a mother who saw fit to practice "freedom of information," that is her freedom to pelt her children with information, at home, I'm rather accustomed to what goes on. I can care as much as I wish to, regardless of your denying it.

Pirate Bendy said...

Pirate M&M's ???? Where??

Thanks fer stoppin' by me blog.