Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tango-violation and Interviews

Much thanks to astoriafixer for the shout-out link! Very cool. :)

Emily came down last night to go dancing with me. We had an 'off' night. The guys were more than willing to dance with us, but they were a bit harsh toward her. I just couldn't dance/talk a coherent thing all night. I waltzed through a foxtrot, lindied through a swing, and performed this weird west-coast-hustle-lindy-swing thing at one point... I'm not really sure what happened. But I'm really glad Emily came down. "I have that car in my song... oh my...it's not a good night."

OOH! The Tango incident: I love to Tango. :) I suck at it... it's hard and I don't know many steps. But this nice/weird guy asked me to Tango with him. We started out fine, opened out into some more advanced footwork, and then he did this move where I spin into him and he grabs my leg just under my knee and drags me across the floor... PANIC! I wouldn't mind this move with a guy I trust, but DUDE! keep your hands a) to yourself, and b) where I can see them! *whimper*...I got Tango-violated...

I have two interviews scheduled tomorrow up north. One is with CampusPoint as a prelim interview (they're not hiring me, they're sending out my résumé and helping with the job search) in downtown Portland. The other is with a manufacturing facility in Tualatin, an actual interview for a CSR position. I don't really know what to expect. And seeing that I've never driven farther north than Keizer (save once to see Emily, and I got WAY lost), I'm pretty much terrified of tomorrow. Stress is generally not my friend. I don't like driving in big cities, mostly don't like big cities, and really don't want to live in a big city. But I must go where the jobs are. Anyway, I'd be very close to Emily and several other friends...

I feel like I'm being pulled in a direction I don't want to go. At the same time, I'm a little bit excited. I remember starting my very first job as a kitchen lackey... I didn't want to be there. I didn't like seeing sick people, old people, uneducated coworkers (who, as I was in my senior year of high school, still had less education than me). I wanted to quit every day the first year of work. Holy burned toast Batman! I survived. I worked there five years, from high school to the end of college. I grew up in the job. I'm definitely looking forward to this next adventure, be it here or Portland, or wherever. The challenge will be interesting; in any case, you're sure to hear about it here!

I'm having a horrible time typing lately. Spelling things phonetically, as above, I typed "danceen" instead of "dancing," "intervues" instead of "interviews," and "cayse" instead of "case." Is this a normal typo thing? Kinda seems weird to me, especially since I definitely know how to spell and have been typing for several years. Maybe I just need to sleep.

The squirrel is back. He's louder today. and I have a headache. Something must be done.


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

What were we doing to be harsh to Emily? If I was, I did not mean to be so.

Your Tango-Violation was a walking knee-corte. Usually only tango dancers with both lots of experience and excellent balance go for it. I shall apologize for your violator; feel free to complain, especially if you did not lift your knee in the first place. If he reached down for your thigh without your consent (consent = lifting your thigh), bad, bad, bad... Feel free to tell all your follow friends (and leads for that matter) about the abuser.

Uninformed Decision-Making said...

Just FYI: Your "Previous Blogs" list is still MIA.