Monday, October 30, 2006

Bullets of Alcatraz has an article about the ghosts of Alcatraz. I read it and couldn't resist posting the lines that made me laugh.

"One of the areas which some claim is the most active with paranormal activity is a utility corridor where inmates Coy, Cretzer and Hubbard were plummeted with bullets after a failed prison escape. It is there that in 1976 a night security guard reported hearing unexplained eerie clanging sounds coming from inside."

Yes, that's right, the men were plummeted with bullets. The bullets fell on them and the men died. Just coming down from the heavens, bullets raining down, plummeting to earth. Methinks the author meant pummeled. I'm still laughing!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Autumn Pictures

"Silver grandeur"


"Confetti carpet"

Still Growing Up

Sometimes I have a hard time liking the way I look. Ordinarily, I do a pretty good job of standing at a mirror and saying to myself, "You know what, I look pretty good today. I like who I am, and I'm healthy and happy. That's good enough for me today." But then there are those days where someone says something or an event occurs that makes me think twice. I recently encountered one of these events, and while it seemed harmless and trivial at the time, it kinda stung and really sunk in later. People tell me to think better of myself, of the way I look, about my body, etc. I realize what they're saying. There are just those times when *I* don't like me regardless of other opinions. Is this wrong? Is it okay to want to change the way I look when I know I look okay in the first place? Sure, I'm no supermodel - two inches too short for that. I'm no mud fence either. I never really felt the push to conform to societal standards before now (and I'm in my twenties), so I'm feeling a bit out-of-place, depressed, and wary of the unhealthy ideals I face.

I've always lagged behind in my emotional development. Part of me is a little scared that some "teenage" things are finally catching up to me. Physically, I think (hope, pray) that I'm done with adolescence and those awful years of not knowing who I am. Okay, I know who I am, just not what I want, or how to afford that. :) It is a little scary though, knowing that I'm emotionally not up to par with other people my age. I don't really know how to change that. It's weird, I tell ya! Mentally, sometimes I feel like I'm much older than I am. People tell me I talk like I'm older, relate much older than my age. Physically, well, I'm right on target with my slowly-aging body. Spiritually, I'm a mixed bag of knowns and unknowns, but I don't think that ever has or will change... the more I know, the more I know I don't know. And I'm okay with that. But emotionally, I fear I'm missing something. Compassion? Fear? Risk? Love? Trust? More growing up to do... still, and again. Bear with me.

Unexpected Publicity

The people at BlueOregon tapped my blog and quoted me! Thanks for reading, for seeing the humor in what I write. I'm getting that *warm and fuzzy* feeling again. ;)

Link from BlueOregon about this post on my blog.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Congrats! and a question

Mom's blog link has been added to the blogroll on the right. Somehow, I fear I'll end up doing all of her codes too. But it'll look good (or whatever mine looks like).

Congrats on your first post, Mom!

Nov. 7th will mark my one-year anniversary on my blog. Any suggestions on how to celebrate?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not Your Mom... MY MOM!

My mother wants to start blogging. I'm going to help her set one up, and then I'll link to it from here, so now you can all enjoy my mother's ranting in addition to my own. Oh yeah, forget the "your mom" jokes... it's MY mother! I'm proud that she's becoming tech-minded, happy that she feels comfortable enough to let other people hear her voice. I'm a little worried for the blogosphere though... this could be fun. *insert evil grin here*

I mean... wait... I don't have an evil grin!

Work continues well, saving that they run out of things for me to do all the time. If I knew more about the service or could convince them that I know more than they think I do, I might be able to keep myself busy a bit more. However, I'm still the peon, so I slave away at the menial tasks and try to focus on the positive: things could always get worse.

Went dancing last night, had a nice time. Thankful for the many compliments I received on my attire -- feels so good to be noticed in a positive way every once in a while. My ego grew swiftly with a fantastic set of Lindy Hops and a super-fast Hustle. Then, the WCS squished my poor ego flat. I ended up leaving a little early to go visit my boyfriend.

There is nothing quite as awesome as a hug when you really need one. :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Special Me

I'm so special, I managed to trip walking next to a vertical wall. Uh huh, you heard/read that right, I tripped on a wall.

In other news, the squirrel attacked my car today after I washed it.

And my mother wants to start blogging.

What, did I miss the memo or something? SHEESH!

Hurting, but Rested

I'm falling apart again. But at least I got a night of great sleep. Hmm, let's see, my knees and back hurt, my head hurts, I have a wicked papercut on my thumb knuckle, and I feel like I need a day of vacation. Tonight, I could go dancing. And risk permanent injury to my body. But... it could be fun. Dancing with friends after waiting around with nothing to do for three hours after work, vs. coming home and doing things I need to do (like laundry and a haircut). Ugh, I don't want to think yet today. I'll try to write more later... if I don't go dancing. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Colors in Pictures

Wild Rose near Richardson Hall,
Oregon State University

Education Hall, Oregon State University

Willamette Floodplain from Hwy 34
(I wasn't driving, don't worry)

Trees behind Women's Building,
Oregon State University

The tree outside my kitchen window

Trees in the Memorial Union quad,
Oregon State University

Not sure what these flowers are, but they looked like they wanted their picture taken.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paintballing Politics

One last political rant before the elections are over: Driving down the road, I keep seeing these little signs like the old BurmaShave signs, "Vote for..." "John Doe..." "not the..." "other schmoe!" I really want a paintball gun. I want to hang my arm out the side of the car as I zero in on the name, then *pop pop pop* at the signs. I'm all for free speech, but I'd rather be seeing the beautiful fields and trees and not the obnoxious neon yellow or green signs that probably won't be picked up for months upon months. Please, somebody, give me a paintball gun!

I'll post the pictures soon, but I spent this afternoon on the Oregon State University campus taking pictures of the fall colors and Geocaching my way in a huge circle. The Pirate Boys helped me gather up four more 'caches. But right now, I'm eating spice cake (delicious!) and working on a heavenly diet coke as my boyfriend discusses his Fantasy Football league. He's losing a game he's not even playing... or maybe he's winning... I can't tell. Nobody's striking up the band to tell me which way things are going.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Voting, Frustrations, and Family

I voted today. I voted "yes" seven times, "no" six times, for two republicans and two democrats, and for the only person listed several times. I studied the voter's pamphlet cover-to-cover, finding the wording very difficult, but highlighting much and understanding most of it. My opinion of politics is pretty simple at this point: the idiots on one side balance out the idiots on the other side, and then the few people that actually take the time to reason their way through things make the decisions, or else the rest of us really just fuck things up for everybody. And I get frustrated because I don't want to vote "yes" or "no" sometimes, because the ideal answer is really a mix of the two black lines. Yet another political rant from someone that refuses to blog about politics.

Les Schwab pisses me off! I took my car in to get the tires rotated and specifically told them quite firmly and several times, "do not use the power wrench on my car." They rotated the tires and used the power wrench to get the lug nuts back onto the car and tightened them down by hand. After they ran them tight with the power wrench. UGH! My car shudders just a little bit when I slow down with intent (not slamming on the breaks but more than just slowing gradually). I went driving tonight on some familiar back roads to test the car and see if it handles differently. It does. I get so angry when people mess with my car, thinking that either I don't know anything about cars because I'm a girl, or that I don't know how to drive a car because I'm young. I know how to drive my car, and I know that tightening the lug nuts down hard causes my car to shudder when breaking. I'm angry that people don't listen to me when I know what I'm talking about, especially when the outcome means damage to my car. *CURSES!*

My birthday is coming up in the next two weeks, a glorious and grand event marking 23 years. My sister and I will be doing something great for our birthdays (which are 12 days apart), and I think I'll spend an evening with my parents or something, but that's about it. My boyfriend and Rachel conspired to dragging me out in Portland on my birthday or a week after. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Portland or any big cities. Furthermore, I am a bit distressed that they made these plans right in front of me. Now I'm not one for surprises, so being there is preferable to not, but still... I like to make decisions for myself. Especially considering it's my birthday. I appreciate them trying to get me out or show me something new and exciting, and Rachel is so good about pushing my comfort boundary. Perhaps the method could have been better... it just makes me nervous and worried and frustrated when people tell me what to do or make plans for me without consulting me.

Tonight was a big event at my aunt and uncle's house. Their daughter just reached her one-year survivor point from breast cancer, and their son reached his one-year survivor of a traumatic brain injury. The family was definitely celebrating some amazing milestones and moments. I'm so proud of my cousins and their parents for all they have survived and overcome. I had a great chat with cousin Matt about his recovery and plans--I'll post a link to his website as soon as he sends it to me. HUGE bonfire, biggest one I've ever seen, put off enough heat to warm an acre sufficiently for quite some time. Good food, good conversations with family, and some catching up that I needed to do. And they let Dad play with the fire... which is like giving me fire, only with a better imagination and the knowledge to apply it. :)

After the night of talking and burning things, I stopped in to see my Grandma for a long while. I haven't seen her in about two weeks, and the conversation we had was amazing. She really knows how to ground me and center my thoughts where they need to be. Ran into another friend there (hi Rene!!!) who reads my blog, and made it home just in time for a spider to crawl across my car windshield and scare the bloody hell out of me.

Plans tomorrow include Geocaching at OSU, taking pictures, and otherwise enjoying a beautiful autumn day. And maybe going dancing. Or just sleeping the day away... who knows!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Evil Grin

I'm told I have this evil grin sometimes, though no one will describe this evil grin to me. Not really sure when it happens either.

Are you guys talking about my "Geocaching Grin" or the smile I wear when I am standing in the rain? Is this the goofy teeth-bared wide-eyed laughing face of someone plotting world domination? Or are you suggesting another evil grin?

Which is it? Describe me, please, and thank you. Otherwise, I might have to use that grin against you. :D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here, TAKE my money!

I'm such a moron. Not like a little bit... but a whooooole lotta moron.

I played into the phishing scam targeted to OSU students/staff and OSU Federal CU members. Well, sort of: the fuckers already had most of my information anyway, and their phoney website was authenticated correctly (I'm not stupid, I'm just... stupid), so I wasn't really doing much more than telling them it was okay to take my money. Immediately sensing that I'd done something wrong, I called and froze my account, then later went to my bank and closed the account. Now I have no bank. And I cheated the money-grubbing fuckers out of a whole $75. Way to go, thieves, you really know how to pick the rich ones, targeting college students and such...

I'm so mad, but then again, I'm the moron. Ugh, take my money, you dumbass fuckers! " want my blood, TAKE MY BLOOD!"

(Brownie point/shoutout to the first person to identify the actor/movie from which I stole the quote!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Age Limit

God? Will you please put an age limit on technology? Can the Internet cap be 40? Can the "ask me how to do something trivial" be 35? How about the "you're young, you can fix my computer" limit be six months older than me?

Because I'm really starting to lose it. Having to write out instructions that include: "to click the mouse button, place your right index finger on the left-most mouse button and depress it ONE TIME YOU STUPID MORON" is getting a little old. Explaining that the mouse wheel is not, in fact, something the mouse sits in/on, but rather a feature inside the mouse allowing the computer user the ability to scroll... or how about this: "to open a program (that I've previously installed a shortcut icon on your freaky desktop for you), drag (no, that's not a literal term, stop pointing at the monitor) your mouse cursor over to the icon and click twice. We've already covered how to click. Now do it twice in rapid succession. Faster. Unless the icon is a shortcut on your taskbar, then only click once. ONCE! I SAID ONCE! Damnit, now you've opened the same program twice and Windows is going to crash since it can't handle opening that much at once."


AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *blogger has encountered the blue screen of death, flatlined, and may need professional help*

God? Can you do that? Can you put an age limit on technology? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Lunch and Politics

I had an amazingly wonderful weekend full of rest, movies, and great conversation. Words will not do my weekend justice, but readers should know that it was very fun and relaxing, the way weekends ought to be spent.

My Monday was pretty good too. Got a full night of good sleep (three nights in a row, it's nearly unheard of!), plus work went well. I managed to stay busy all day and didn't have to ask for work or a new task. That's 'cuz I have 'initiative.' And also because I have another box of tags to count. It's the Turquoise Nightmare.

But lunch was very good! I walked over to the MU to get a pop, and along the way, I spied one of my undergrad program classmates. We exchanged updates and mentioned a few things about how frustrated we are with OSU's Science/Math Education undergraduate program. We are both having the same problems with the advisors and requirements (like, six different advisors for our program in four years, zero consistency in the curriculum, random classes and class changes, and no one to tell us what hoops to jump through to get a useful licence or degree). I have my degree, but I still need to retake that last part of the Praxis (next month). Then...? I'm not really sure. Nobody will tell me anything helpful, except that "you need to talk to my friend who is a teacher!" It just felt really good to know that I was not alone in my college frustrations.

So I got my pop (suffering through a Diet Pepsi while dreaming it was a Diet Coke), then walked over to another building to eat my lunch. I ran into a dance friend, then another, and we three girls sat together talking for a few minutes before I had to head back to work. I don't like other girls on the whole, but these two are pretty neat. I enjoy talking to them.

It was a lunch well-spent, some conversations worth having, and some nasty pop consumed.

Looking for a political rant or for me to explain why I'm supporting Candidate A over Candidate B? You won't find that here. I refuse to blog about politics except for this one paragraph which I am about to post (I have a feeling I'm going to get it for this one):

"Why don't you blog about politics?" -- I don't blog about politics or political issues because I don't feel it is my place to tell you how to think. I don't subscribe to a political party or side of an issue. I'm often on both sides of the fence, seeing things both ways, understanding two points of view at once. For example, I think conservation should be a much bigger issue than it is. Natural resource policy ought to be at the forefront of our minds, not merely a footnote in legislation. However, I'm also in favor of selective logging, green building practices, and mineral mining. -- I support candidates that lead by example, not by how they look or what they write or promise. I refuse to vote by party line, and I have voted for candidates and measures across the spectrum of conservative to liberal. -- I vote with an educated mind, considering outcomes and inevitabilities. I think for myself. Isn't that the notion this country was founded upon?

So there you have a political rant. I'm going to go... do... something... yeah. Take that.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Maple Bars, Surprises, and Sore Feet

Mmm, I snagged a maple bar or two from Roth's (best donuts on earth), and brought them home to enjoy with my weekly ER episode, curled up in a blanket on my bedroom floor like a kid watching morning cartoons. Except I'm in my twenties and may have had a late night out last night. :)

Wednesday was amazing! I surprised my boyfriend by introducing him to a side of me he'd never experienced. After tormenting him all day, I dragged him to OSU's MU where I sat down at a piano and demonstrated my nimble fingers and ability to play. He was most appreciative, which was really nice to see and hear. I'm so glad he likes piano music and that he was honest about liking to listen to me play... most guys I've dated were either indifferent or refused to listen.

Thursday night, I made it home early and was ready for bed by about 7pm. Just as I finished dinner, my boyfriend called to inform me that he had gone out on a motorcycle ride (oh yeah, he rides too) and was not far from my house. Of course I told him to stop by! Which means he met my mother for the first time too. The feeling of introducing your mother to your 'fully-clad in leathers and really loud motorcycle riding' boyfriend... let's just say I was a bit nervous. Nothing happened, no sparks flew--it went well by all standards. He was only here about an hour, but it made me feel really good just to have him stop by. [insert gushing here about hot biker guys in leathers smelling like grease monkeys]

OH! and the *little moment* of Thursday night! Just as "pseudonym-less boyfriend" arrived to my house, I walked outside and could hear a pep band playing in the distance. The cold evening air, the smell of fir trees and woodsmoke and grass, the whisper of crunchy rustling leaves, and *that sound* of tight snare drums and overblown trumpets and the deep thud of a heavy bass drum sent chills down my spine. I immediately identified the song and who was directing it by the sounds traveling across town, a skill honed by years of musicianship and directing. If autumn is my home, that little moment was my Heaven. Not that you needed more proof of my nerditude.

I have great friends. :) Dancing friends, close friends, wonderful and amazing friends... shout outs due, but there are so many people, so many kind words, and not enough brain capacity to properly express my admiration. I feel loved, thankful, and happy because of you. *hugs* and *thanks* (Jeff, I'm totally up for Friday lunches! and Emily, thanks for taking the time to grace me with your love and wisdom, smiles, laughs, and friendship. Sorry I'm a crappy swing partner! ;) Just remember that no matter how bad things get, you'll still be better off than *those boys.*)

And so I have Friday left to account for, and what a long day it was! I had a great lunch date with Jeff, and then met up with Emily after work for dinner with her, my boyfriend, and two of our other friends. The friends left, and the three of us went to the MU to hang out before we went dancing. The dance was AMAZING! For the first time at a formal dance (where I was dressed entirely in black, from my Black Hat (a legend) to my black dance shoes and everything in between), I was able to dance to every song except the two or three weird/random dances like Polka and Argentine Tango. And I DID DANCE! Wish I knew more people who could single-time swing, but I found a kind friend who was willing to work on some Balboa with me, and he's really good at teaching by just letting me figure it out first, then correcting. I had a few great waltzes, foxtrots, a fantastic tango with a phenomenal partner. UDM and I pulled off another amazing "something-or-other," and my two hustles were spirited and fast. I do have to admit a certain pleasure created by the Black Hat Attitude and a few West Coast Swings with my boyfriend... something tells me he likes the Black Hat too. :) Riiiiight up until we were waltzing and he pulled me off the floor just before I nearly fainted right there in his arms. Okay, so we were in a very hot ballroom, had been dancing hard for almost two hours, and maybe I overheated a little bit... but other than that, the night was splended! I went back to his house afterward and slept a bit before driving home in the wee hours, a very tired but very happy girl. With incredibly sore feet.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm not drunk, I swear!

I might consider this "tipsy blogging" considering that I am a bit tipsy from my one drink tonight. Yeah, I'm a super-ultra-lightweight, but I don't drink very often. Tonight seemed like a good night to try a Mike's Crisp Apple something-or-other. Meh, it was okay, but like most things, I prefer the original version to the alcoholic version. Why ruin good apple juice? Except Martinelli's and vodka is very tasty. So yeah, I'm probably going to ramble a bit more than usual here...

Oh! They let me play with a box cutter and cardboard today at work. Little do they know about my propensity for self-injury. Not intentional, merely accidental yet frequent. I managed to slice through several boxes and tons of plastic stuff without drawing any blood! *pats self on back*

Quick shopping trip tonight, then a couple short hours with my boyfriend before racing home to watch "Dancing with the Stars." Ugh, I can't wait to go dancing tomorrow night! They showcased the rumba and samba tonight--my boyfriend learned some basic rumba this week, so I'll coerce him into teaching me, and I can sorta samba with a friend (it's actually a mix of samba, salsa, and 'dude, what-was-that!?'). Oh, and I want to work on my WCS whips some more... those need practice. Having the mirrors in the ballroom is really helping. :)

"And then the squirrel at Dib's greasy head."

I have a counter statistic thingy that allows me to see what search terms people use to find my blog. "Normal Cock," "Kusudama," and "CBEST/Praxis Results" seem to be the most common hits. I understand the last two, but the first one was kind of a mystery, seeing that I, uh... am... uh, female and really don't care about that kind of thing. But it stems from a blog post with a creative title. People use all sorts of weird things to link over here... just really neat to see how people find my little bloggy in the blogosphere. Maybe I'll just start dropping random words to see if they attract people.

So my boyfriend concocted this tomato nightmare. He put them in vinegar with some other freaky stuff, and I'm not sure, but I think he accidentally fermented it too. He gave a jar of tomatoes to his coworker who opened the jar, and the stuff foamed and spewed forth from the jar unexpectedly. That ain't right... not to mention his canning methods are questionable at best, so the microbial agents involved could vary from "you can eat that" to "even bacteria don't touch that stuff." He opened a jar for me on his front porch tonight, partly to see if he could get it to foam like his friend, but it didn't explode. Though I think he still wants to eat it. I can't say as though this incident really improves my view of his culinary skills.

Yeah, I had my one drink tonight. And just when I was in that perfectly loopy moment of relaxed bliss, my mom's mom called to see how I was doing at work. Nothing quite like trying to sound sober to Grandma while wishing she'd leave you alone so you could be comfortably tipsy. But I'm not drunk, I swear! I'm just... well I was just... very sleepy, so I'm going to bed. :)

P.S. Electric blankets are totally awesome. My bed preheats, and then I slide in to a warm bed, almost like somebody else got it warm for me. Except I sleep alone. Which is sad. Because I'd really like to not sleep alone. But then I might get cold. So I will go find my warm blanket now...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Autumn Arrived

I experienced a most joyful Sunday celebrating the cool autumn air with my boyfriend and his two sons. We drove to a pumpkin patch and corn maze (I still think they ought to be called maize mazes, just to confuse kids). I am quite proud of myself for overcoming a severe phobia of heights to climb some open stairs and look out over the maze. The boys got two fine pumpkins that I'm sure will turn into some neat jack o' lanterns. After that, we went Geocaching out at Roaring River Fish Hatchery and Roaring River Park. The hatchery has a frisbee golf course that we played--I've never learned how to throw and frisbee, and yes, I totally suck at that game. Well, okay, the darn thing flies fairly straight, but I'm just not strong enough to make it go very far--oddly like my real golf game (when I actually hit the ball). We did get drizzled on while in the maze, and it was threatening rain for much of the day elsewhere, but we survived and pressed on to Salem where we dropped the boys off and went out on what could be considered a second "official" date.

I'm still confused about what constitutes an "official" date.

Anyway, the night ended beautifully, and I am so happy that summer is finally over. I have never liked summer, and the cooler weather, rain, woodsmoke smells, and crunchy leaves (that must be stepped on, run through, or tossed high in the air) make me feel at home again.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

So Much Driving!

Mmmm, a root beer float is a great way to end a long day. I got home late last night after the party out with friends... Emily ended up staying with the boys instead of staying with me, which is fine. I drove back to Corvallis this morning (willingly going to that town on a game day--what was I thinking!?) for breakfast with her, then a long walk around town and a short visit with some friends and their new kitten. I dropped Emily back off with the boys so she could go to the yelling thingy (some call them football games, but she mostly just goes to yell). I made it out of town and to Albany rather quickly, stopping to purchase some new sunglasses because mine fell apart. They were cheap in the first place, but still, when the lenses are worth more than the frames... you have to wonder about the engineering. It's like a building that can't hold up its windows!

Managed to catch up on my ER episodes from the last couple weeks this afternoon, and then I sat at my piano for a while, finally getting the quality moment I'd sought on Thursday night. Mom made some homemade chicken noodle soup tonight (mmmm, tasties!), so we had a deliciously wonderful dinner. Mom and I went for a drive afterward, and I found an hour to spend with my grandma tonight. Even had time for a long, hot shower. And then I talked to my boyfriend on the phone while drinking a root beer float. How's that for a perfect ending to a long day?

Emily and I spotted one of her ex-boyfriends and his roommate while we were leaving the restaurant this morning. The boys were trashed at 11:30am! I'm pretty sure they were high on top of being still drunk. Plans for the day? To "re-up" on the alcohol intake, maintaining the buzz until Monday or Tuesday. They looked soooooooo bad. Emily and I laughed for hours!

The kitten was adorable. The boys have a kitten, and now they're going to attract all the ladies. It's true, guys! If you want to get a girl, carry around a kitten or puppy. We're suckers for cute things.

Do not drive fast. Somehow, inevitably, you'll pass somebody you know who will call you and tell you to "slow down!" Oh yeah, my best friend did this today. He was riding with his parents to his sister's softball game. And then I got yelled at for answering my phone while I was driving. If you don't want me to answer, don't call me while I'm driving!

And then I was driving into Albany when I spotted another handsome face headed the opposite direction, seemingly deep in conversation, but in fact deep in thought. So I had to call him and rant at him for a minute.

Totally exhausted, and very much ready to go Geocaching all day long tomorrow (well, after some sleep, sugar, caffeine, a nap, and more caffeine).

Oh yeah, we're out of Diet Coke again. §ђĩŧ.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ranting, Cleaning, and Stealing

I just want to take a shower! ACCH! Every week, my family gets together to clean the house. We each have specific duties, and together, we can do the whole house in about an hour. Nevermind that when people come over, they're not actually sure real people live here because the house is so sanitized (more on that later). Really, I just want to take a shower. But no, my sister is in there cleaning the bathroom. I must wait for her to clean it so that I may rapidly and thoroughly destroy it. Oh yeah, I'm going to cut my hair and nails on the same night right after she cleans. Anybody else not seeing the logic here? ARRRRGH!

Yeah, I do live in a house cleaner than most laboratories. The countertops are almost bare, wiped down every day, plus before and after every use. The carpet is vacuumed weekly, and we do not wear shoes in the house. Every item has a specific place, and we don't have any useless clutter lying around. Closet organizing systems keep things nice and tidy on little white shelves. The walls are high gloss white, and we're not allowed to use thumbtacks to hang posters. The beds are made every day. No pets are allowed inside. I think it's all a bit much, honestly... who lives like this? Who can live like this? I do like things neat and clean, but seriously, this is just about the end of my rope.

Great time dancing last night, plus a first official date that made me very happy. You know, this 'not having to pay for things because guys like to take care of that stuff' is kinda nice. I would never expect a guy to pay for me though, no way... just not my style. It's still pretty cool though. Maybe "traditional" doesn't have to be a bad thing. Or maybe I can steal a bit of "tradition" and incorporate that into my unwillingly liberated "modern" self. :)

The bathroom is finally free. I'm going to go make a HUUUUUGE mess now! :D

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Need a Pseudonym

I'm exhausted! Work is going very well. I am learning much, starting to get to know some pretty neat coworkers. I have a hard time with food now though, only eating a small lunch after a small breakfast... eating out is too expensive and I'm lazy. :) Is there a daily maximum to the number of pop-tarts one can consume?

Nothing really new to report...

OH WAIT! I suppose I ought to make an official introduction to a special guy in my life. In order to make this blog as honest as possible, I can't hold back! Plus, he's really cool, so it's just impossible for me to keep quiet. Working on a pseudonym to protect his identity (the mob might be reading this). But yeah, I've reviewed The Recipe, and he seems to be in accordance with my desires: respectful, responsible, honest, and loyal (all things thus far). OH! and he dances! Well, he also laughs at my silly stories and rescues me from the perils of Geocaching all by myself. And he's pretty good at giving hugs.

I'm sure several people are against me dating him, each for their own reasons, but I must have faith in myself to make sound decisions and not make snap judgments. Prayer? I'll see the light eventually, in any case...

I have a job, a boyfriend, great friends, a stable life... I'm completely happy. Well, I'll be a lot more happy as soon as I sleep. :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy Weekend

A wonderful weekend! I haven't had this much fun in a loooong time.

Friday night after work, I spent the evening into the wee hours with a friend, talking and talking until I forced myself to drive home. Got up on Saturday with almost no sleep under my belt and drove Corvallis to meet another friend. He and I traveled to Eugene, shopping and driving all over the city. My sister lost a tire on her car early that morning, so I stuck around after returning to Corvallis to pick her up. Worst place to be post-game in Corvallis: on campus! Where was I post-game? Sitting near the bookstore... ugh. We drove home, and I actually had a few hours at home Saturday night. Sunday morning dawned very early (too early) with a phone call from a friend, "Hey, you said you'd be up, let's go do something." :D Yeah... I was not up. But I got up and we had a delightful day.

So the weekend wasn't all great. But the good stuff really out-weighs the bad stuff.

Now I have to go to work. Feels really good to be able to say that. But I could use another four hours of sleep. Sorry dance peoples, I don't think I'll make it to Monday night dancing tonight. I'll be lucky to survive my day and get home. That's all for now...