Monday, October 09, 2006

Autumn Arrived

I experienced a most joyful Sunday celebrating the cool autumn air with my boyfriend and his two sons. We drove to a pumpkin patch and corn maze (I still think they ought to be called maize mazes, just to confuse kids). I am quite proud of myself for overcoming a severe phobia of heights to climb some open stairs and look out over the maze. The boys got two fine pumpkins that I'm sure will turn into some neat jack o' lanterns. After that, we went Geocaching out at Roaring River Fish Hatchery and Roaring River Park. The hatchery has a frisbee golf course that we played--I've never learned how to throw and frisbee, and yes, I totally suck at that game. Well, okay, the darn thing flies fairly straight, but I'm just not strong enough to make it go very far--oddly like my real golf game (when I actually hit the ball). We did get drizzled on while in the maze, and it was threatening rain for much of the day elsewhere, but we survived and pressed on to Salem where we dropped the boys off and went out on what could be considered a second "official" date.

I'm still confused about what constitutes an "official" date.

Anyway, the night ended beautifully, and I am so happy that summer is finally over. I have never liked summer, and the cooler weather, rain, woodsmoke smells, and crunchy leaves (that must be stepped on, run through, or tossed high in the air) make me feel at home again.


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Welcome home!

Mom of Three said...

Summer is my favorite, because here it just drizzles the rest of the year. So far, we're not in true fall yet, I should take those last few walks of the year...