Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here, TAKE my money!

I'm such a moron. Not like a little bit... but a whooooole lotta moron.

I played into the phishing scam targeted to OSU students/staff and OSU Federal CU members. Well, sort of: the fuckers already had most of my information anyway, and their phoney website was authenticated correctly (I'm not stupid, I'm just... stupid), so I wasn't really doing much more than telling them it was okay to take my money. Immediately sensing that I'd done something wrong, I called and froze my account, then later went to my bank and closed the account. Now I have no bank. And I cheated the money-grubbing fuckers out of a whole $75. Way to go, thieves, you really know how to pick the rich ones, targeting college students and such...

I'm so mad, but then again, I'm the moron. Ugh, take my money, you dumbass fuckers! "...you want my blood, TAKE MY BLOOD!"

(Brownie point/shoutout to the first person to identify the actor/movie from which I stole the quote!)


Uninformed Decision-Making said...

"Lieutenant Danny Roman" - The Negotiator

Jaggy said...

And the actor's name is...?