Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm not drunk, I swear!

I might consider this "tipsy blogging" considering that I am a bit tipsy from my one drink tonight. Yeah, I'm a super-ultra-lightweight, but I don't drink very often. Tonight seemed like a good night to try a Mike's Crisp Apple something-or-other. Meh, it was okay, but like most things, I prefer the original version to the alcoholic version. Why ruin good apple juice? Except Martinelli's and vodka is very tasty. So yeah, I'm probably going to ramble a bit more than usual here...

Oh! They let me play with a box cutter and cardboard today at work. Little do they know about my propensity for self-injury. Not intentional, merely accidental yet frequent. I managed to slice through several boxes and tons of plastic stuff without drawing any blood! *pats self on back*

Quick shopping trip tonight, then a couple short hours with my boyfriend before racing home to watch "Dancing with the Stars." Ugh, I can't wait to go dancing tomorrow night! They showcased the rumba and samba tonight--my boyfriend learned some basic rumba this week, so I'll coerce him into teaching me, and I can sorta samba with a friend (it's actually a mix of samba, salsa, and 'dude, what-was-that!?'). Oh, and I want to work on my WCS whips some more... those need practice. Having the mirrors in the ballroom is really helping. :)

"And then the squirrel at Dib's greasy head."

I have a counter statistic thingy that allows me to see what search terms people use to find my blog. "Normal Cock," "Kusudama," and "CBEST/Praxis Results" seem to be the most common hits. I understand the last two, but the first one was kind of a mystery, seeing that I, uh... am... uh, female and really don't care about that kind of thing. But it stems from a blog post with a creative title. People use all sorts of weird things to link over here... just really neat to see how people find my little bloggy in the blogosphere. Maybe I'll just start dropping random words to see if they attract people.

So my boyfriend concocted this tomato nightmare. He put them in vinegar with some other freaky stuff, and I'm not sure, but I think he accidentally fermented it too. He gave a jar of tomatoes to his coworker who opened the jar, and the stuff foamed and spewed forth from the jar unexpectedly. That ain't right... not to mention his canning methods are questionable at best, so the microbial agents involved could vary from "you can eat that" to "even bacteria don't touch that stuff." He opened a jar for me on his front porch tonight, partly to see if he could get it to foam like his friend, but it didn't explode. Though I think he still wants to eat it. I can't say as though this incident really improves my view of his culinary skills.

Yeah, I had my one drink tonight. And just when I was in that perfectly loopy moment of relaxed bliss, my mom's mom called to see how I was doing at work. Nothing quite like trying to sound sober to Grandma while wishing she'd leave you alone so you could be comfortably tipsy. But I'm not drunk, I swear! I'm just... well I was just... very sleepy, so I'm going to bed. :)

P.S. Electric blankets are totally awesome. My bed preheats, and then I slide in to a warm bed, almost like somebody else got it warm for me. Except I sleep alone. Which is sad. Because I'd really like to not sleep alone. But then I might get cold. So I will go find my warm blanket now...

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Mom of Three said...

Holy cow, I've blogged tipsy twice in the last year! Don't ask me why but those words really flow! :)