Monday, October 16, 2006

Lunch and Politics

I had an amazingly wonderful weekend full of rest, movies, and great conversation. Words will not do my weekend justice, but readers should know that it was very fun and relaxing, the way weekends ought to be spent.

My Monday was pretty good too. Got a full night of good sleep (three nights in a row, it's nearly unheard of!), plus work went well. I managed to stay busy all day and didn't have to ask for work or a new task. That's 'cuz I have 'initiative.' And also because I have another box of tags to count. It's the Turquoise Nightmare.

But lunch was very good! I walked over to the MU to get a pop, and along the way, I spied one of my undergrad program classmates. We exchanged updates and mentioned a few things about how frustrated we are with OSU's Science/Math Education undergraduate program. We are both having the same problems with the advisors and requirements (like, six different advisors for our program in four years, zero consistency in the curriculum, random classes and class changes, and no one to tell us what hoops to jump through to get a useful licence or degree). I have my degree, but I still need to retake that last part of the Praxis (next month). Then...? I'm not really sure. Nobody will tell me anything helpful, except that "you need to talk to my friend who is a teacher!" It just felt really good to know that I was not alone in my college frustrations.

So I got my pop (suffering through a Diet Pepsi while dreaming it was a Diet Coke), then walked over to another building to eat my lunch. I ran into a dance friend, then another, and we three girls sat together talking for a few minutes before I had to head back to work. I don't like other girls on the whole, but these two are pretty neat. I enjoy talking to them.

It was a lunch well-spent, some conversations worth having, and some nasty pop consumed.

Looking for a political rant or for me to explain why I'm supporting Candidate A over Candidate B? You won't find that here. I refuse to blog about politics except for this one paragraph which I am about to post (I have a feeling I'm going to get it for this one):

"Why don't you blog about politics?" -- I don't blog about politics or political issues because I don't feel it is my place to tell you how to think. I don't subscribe to a political party or side of an issue. I'm often on both sides of the fence, seeing things both ways, understanding two points of view at once. For example, I think conservation should be a much bigger issue than it is. Natural resource policy ought to be at the forefront of our minds, not merely a footnote in legislation. However, I'm also in favor of selective logging, green building practices, and mineral mining. -- I support candidates that lead by example, not by how they look or what they write or promise. I refuse to vote by party line, and I have voted for candidates and measures across the spectrum of conservative to liberal. -- I vote with an educated mind, considering outcomes and inevitabilities. I think for myself. Isn't that the notion this country was founded upon?

So there you have a political rant. I'm going to go... do... something... yeah. Take that.

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