Saturday, October 14, 2006

Maple Bars, Surprises, and Sore Feet

Mmm, I snagged a maple bar or two from Roth's (best donuts on earth), and brought them home to enjoy with my weekly ER episode, curled up in a blanket on my bedroom floor like a kid watching morning cartoons. Except I'm in my twenties and may have had a late night out last night. :)

Wednesday was amazing! I surprised my boyfriend by introducing him to a side of me he'd never experienced. After tormenting him all day, I dragged him to OSU's MU where I sat down at a piano and demonstrated my nimble fingers and ability to play. He was most appreciative, which was really nice to see and hear. I'm so glad he likes piano music and that he was honest about liking to listen to me play... most guys I've dated were either indifferent or refused to listen.

Thursday night, I made it home early and was ready for bed by about 7pm. Just as I finished dinner, my boyfriend called to inform me that he had gone out on a motorcycle ride (oh yeah, he rides too) and was not far from my house. Of course I told him to stop by! Which means he met my mother for the first time too. The feeling of introducing your mother to your 'fully-clad in leathers and really loud motorcycle riding' boyfriend... let's just say I was a bit nervous. Nothing happened, no sparks flew--it went well by all standards. He was only here about an hour, but it made me feel really good just to have him stop by. [insert gushing here about hot biker guys in leathers smelling like grease monkeys]

OH! and the *little moment* of Thursday night! Just as "pseudonym-less boyfriend" arrived to my house, I walked outside and could hear a pep band playing in the distance. The cold evening air, the smell of fir trees and woodsmoke and grass, the whisper of crunchy rustling leaves, and *that sound* of tight snare drums and overblown trumpets and the deep thud of a heavy bass drum sent chills down my spine. I immediately identified the song and who was directing it by the sounds traveling across town, a skill honed by years of musicianship and directing. If autumn is my home, that little moment was my Heaven. Not that you needed more proof of my nerditude.

I have great friends. :) Dancing friends, close friends, wonderful and amazing friends... shout outs due, but there are so many people, so many kind words, and not enough brain capacity to properly express my admiration. I feel loved, thankful, and happy because of you. *hugs* and *thanks* (Jeff, I'm totally up for Friday lunches! and Emily, thanks for taking the time to grace me with your love and wisdom, smiles, laughs, and friendship. Sorry I'm a crappy swing partner! ;) Just remember that no matter how bad things get, you'll still be better off than *those boys.*)

And so I have Friday left to account for, and what a long day it was! I had a great lunch date with Jeff, and then met up with Emily after work for dinner with her, my boyfriend, and two of our other friends. The friends left, and the three of us went to the MU to hang out before we went dancing. The dance was AMAZING! For the first time at a formal dance (where I was dressed entirely in black, from my Black Hat (a legend) to my black dance shoes and everything in between), I was able to dance to every song except the two or three weird/random dances like Polka and Argentine Tango. And I DID DANCE! Wish I knew more people who could single-time swing, but I found a kind friend who was willing to work on some Balboa with me, and he's really good at teaching by just letting me figure it out first, then correcting. I had a few great waltzes, foxtrots, a fantastic tango with a phenomenal partner. UDM and I pulled off another amazing "something-or-other," and my two hustles were spirited and fast. I do have to admit a certain pleasure created by the Black Hat Attitude and a few West Coast Swings with my boyfriend... something tells me he likes the Black Hat too. :) Riiiiight up until we were waltzing and he pulled me off the floor just before I nearly fainted right there in his arms. Okay, so we were in a very hot ballroom, had been dancing hard for almost two hours, and maybe I overheated a little bit... but other than that, the night was splended! I went back to his house afterward and slept a bit before driving home in the wee hours, a very tired but very happy girl. With incredibly sore feet.

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crallspace said...

I often felt like the motorcycle boyfriend when I met g/f's moms. Though I never rode a motorcycle. Just that rebel appearance...

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