Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Need a Pseudonym

I'm exhausted! Work is going very well. I am learning much, starting to get to know some pretty neat coworkers. I have a hard time with food now though, only eating a small lunch after a small breakfast... eating out is too expensive and I'm lazy. :) Is there a daily maximum to the number of pop-tarts one can consume?

Nothing really new to report...

OH WAIT! I suppose I ought to make an official introduction to a special guy in my life. In order to make this blog as honest as possible, I can't hold back! Plus, he's really cool, so it's just impossible for me to keep quiet. Working on a pseudonym to protect his identity (the mob might be reading this). But yeah, I've reviewed The Recipe, and he seems to be in accordance with my desires: respectful, responsible, honest, and loyal (all things thus far). OH! and he dances! Well, he also laughs at my silly stories and rescues me from the perils of Geocaching all by myself. And he's pretty good at giving hugs.

I'm sure several people are against me dating him, each for their own reasons, but I must have faith in myself to make sound decisions and not make snap judgments. Prayer? I'll see the light eventually, in any case...

I have a job, a boyfriend, great friends, a stable life... I'm completely happy. Well, I'll be a lot more happy as soon as I sleep. :)

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