Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not Your Mom... MY MOM!

My mother wants to start blogging. I'm going to help her set one up, and then I'll link to it from here, so now you can all enjoy my mother's ranting in addition to my own. Oh yeah, forget the "your mom" jokes... it's MY mother! I'm proud that she's becoming tech-minded, happy that she feels comfortable enough to let other people hear her voice. I'm a little worried for the blogosphere though... this could be fun. *insert evil grin here*

I mean... wait... I don't have an evil grin!

Work continues well, saving that they run out of things for me to do all the time. If I knew more about the service or could convince them that I know more than they think I do, I might be able to keep myself busy a bit more. However, I'm still the peon, so I slave away at the menial tasks and try to focus on the positive: things could always get worse.

Went dancing last night, had a nice time. Thankful for the many compliments I received on my attire -- feels so good to be noticed in a positive way every once in a while. My ego grew swiftly with a fantastic set of Lindy Hops and a super-fast Hustle. Then, the WCS squished my poor ego flat. I ended up leaving a little early to go visit my boyfriend.

There is nothing quite as awesome as a hug when you really need one. :)

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