Sunday, October 22, 2006

Paintballing Politics

One last political rant before the elections are over: Driving down the road, I keep seeing these little signs like the old BurmaShave signs, "Vote for..." "John Doe..." "not the..." "other schmoe!" I really want a paintball gun. I want to hang my arm out the side of the car as I zero in on the name, then *pop pop pop* at the signs. I'm all for free speech, but I'd rather be seeing the beautiful fields and trees and not the obnoxious neon yellow or green signs that probably won't be picked up for months upon months. Please, somebody, give me a paintball gun!

I'll post the pictures soon, but I spent this afternoon on the Oregon State University campus taking pictures of the fall colors and Geocaching my way in a huge circle. The Pirate Boys helped me gather up four more 'caches. But right now, I'm eating spice cake (delicious!) and working on a heavenly diet coke as my boyfriend discusses his Fantasy Football league. He's losing a game he's not even playing... or maybe he's winning... I can't tell. Nobody's striking up the band to tell me which way things are going.

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