Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ranting, Cleaning, and Stealing

I just want to take a shower! ACCH! Every week, my family gets together to clean the house. We each have specific duties, and together, we can do the whole house in about an hour. Nevermind that when people come over, they're not actually sure real people live here because the house is so sanitized (more on that later). Really, I just want to take a shower. But no, my sister is in there cleaning the bathroom. I must wait for her to clean it so that I may rapidly and thoroughly destroy it. Oh yeah, I'm going to cut my hair and nails on the same night right after she cleans. Anybody else not seeing the logic here? ARRRRGH!

Yeah, I do live in a house cleaner than most laboratories. The countertops are almost bare, wiped down every day, plus before and after every use. The carpet is vacuumed weekly, and we do not wear shoes in the house. Every item has a specific place, and we don't have any useless clutter lying around. Closet organizing systems keep things nice and tidy on little white shelves. The walls are high gloss white, and we're not allowed to use thumbtacks to hang posters. The beds are made every day. No pets are allowed inside. I think it's all a bit much, honestly... who lives like this? Who can live like this? I do like things neat and clean, but seriously, this is just about the end of my rope.

Great time dancing last night, plus a first official date that made me very happy. You know, this 'not having to pay for things because guys like to take care of that stuff' is kinda nice. I would never expect a guy to pay for me though, no way... just not my style. It's still pretty cool though. Maybe "traditional" doesn't have to be a bad thing. Or maybe I can steal a bit of "tradition" and incorporate that into my unwillingly liberated "modern" self. :)

The bathroom is finally free. I'm going to go make a HUUUUUGE mess now! :D

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