Saturday, October 07, 2006

So Much Driving!

Mmmm, a root beer float is a great way to end a long day. I got home late last night after the party out with friends... Emily ended up staying with the boys instead of staying with me, which is fine. I drove back to Corvallis this morning (willingly going to that town on a game day--what was I thinking!?) for breakfast with her, then a long walk around town and a short visit with some friends and their new kitten. I dropped Emily back off with the boys so she could go to the yelling thingy (some call them football games, but she mostly just goes to yell). I made it out of town and to Albany rather quickly, stopping to purchase some new sunglasses because mine fell apart. They were cheap in the first place, but still, when the lenses are worth more than the frames... you have to wonder about the engineering. It's like a building that can't hold up its windows!

Managed to catch up on my ER episodes from the last couple weeks this afternoon, and then I sat at my piano for a while, finally getting the quality moment I'd sought on Thursday night. Mom made some homemade chicken noodle soup tonight (mmmm, tasties!), so we had a deliciously wonderful dinner. Mom and I went for a drive afterward, and I found an hour to spend with my grandma tonight. Even had time for a long, hot shower. And then I talked to my boyfriend on the phone while drinking a root beer float. How's that for a perfect ending to a long day?

Emily and I spotted one of her ex-boyfriends and his roommate while we were leaving the restaurant this morning. The boys were trashed at 11:30am! I'm pretty sure they were high on top of being still drunk. Plans for the day? To "re-up" on the alcohol intake, maintaining the buzz until Monday or Tuesday. They looked soooooooo bad. Emily and I laughed for hours!

The kitten was adorable. The boys have a kitten, and now they're going to attract all the ladies. It's true, guys! If you want to get a girl, carry around a kitten or puppy. We're suckers for cute things.

Do not drive fast. Somehow, inevitably, you'll pass somebody you know who will call you and tell you to "slow down!" Oh yeah, my best friend did this today. He was riding with his parents to his sister's softball game. And then I got yelled at for answering my phone while I was driving. If you don't want me to answer, don't call me while I'm driving!

And then I was driving into Albany when I spotted another handsome face headed the opposite direction, seemingly deep in conversation, but in fact deep in thought. So I had to call him and rant at him for a minute.

Totally exhausted, and very much ready to go Geocaching all day long tomorrow (well, after some sleep, sugar, caffeine, a nap, and more caffeine).

Oh yeah, we're out of Diet Coke again. §ђĩŧ.

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