Saturday, October 21, 2006

Voting, Frustrations, and Family

I voted today. I voted "yes" seven times, "no" six times, for two republicans and two democrats, and for the only person listed several times. I studied the voter's pamphlet cover-to-cover, finding the wording very difficult, but highlighting much and understanding most of it. My opinion of politics is pretty simple at this point: the idiots on one side balance out the idiots on the other side, and then the few people that actually take the time to reason their way through things make the decisions, or else the rest of us really just fuck things up for everybody. And I get frustrated because I don't want to vote "yes" or "no" sometimes, because the ideal answer is really a mix of the two black lines. Yet another political rant from someone that refuses to blog about politics.

Les Schwab pisses me off! I took my car in to get the tires rotated and specifically told them quite firmly and several times, "do not use the power wrench on my car." They rotated the tires and used the power wrench to get the lug nuts back onto the car and tightened them down by hand. After they ran them tight with the power wrench. UGH! My car shudders just a little bit when I slow down with intent (not slamming on the breaks but more than just slowing gradually). I went driving tonight on some familiar back roads to test the car and see if it handles differently. It does. I get so angry when people mess with my car, thinking that either I don't know anything about cars because I'm a girl, or that I don't know how to drive a car because I'm young. I know how to drive my car, and I know that tightening the lug nuts down hard causes my car to shudder when breaking. I'm angry that people don't listen to me when I know what I'm talking about, especially when the outcome means damage to my car. *CURSES!*

My birthday is coming up in the next two weeks, a glorious and grand event marking 23 years. My sister and I will be doing something great for our birthdays (which are 12 days apart), and I think I'll spend an evening with my parents or something, but that's about it. My boyfriend and Rachel conspired to dragging me out in Portland on my birthday or a week after. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Portland or any big cities. Furthermore, I am a bit distressed that they made these plans right in front of me. Now I'm not one for surprises, so being there is preferable to not, but still... I like to make decisions for myself. Especially considering it's my birthday. I appreciate them trying to get me out or show me something new and exciting, and Rachel is so good about pushing my comfort boundary. Perhaps the method could have been better... it just makes me nervous and worried and frustrated when people tell me what to do or make plans for me without consulting me.

Tonight was a big event at my aunt and uncle's house. Their daughter just reached her one-year survivor point from breast cancer, and their son reached his one-year survivor of a traumatic brain injury. The family was definitely celebrating some amazing milestones and moments. I'm so proud of my cousins and their parents for all they have survived and overcome. I had a great chat with cousin Matt about his recovery and plans--I'll post a link to his website as soon as he sends it to me. HUGE bonfire, biggest one I've ever seen, put off enough heat to warm an acre sufficiently for quite some time. Good food, good conversations with family, and some catching up that I needed to do. And they let Dad play with the fire... which is like giving me fire, only with a better imagination and the knowledge to apply it. :)

After the night of talking and burning things, I stopped in to see my Grandma for a long while. I haven't seen her in about two weeks, and the conversation we had was amazing. She really knows how to ground me and center my thoughts where they need to be. Ran into another friend there (hi Rene!!!) who reads my blog, and made it home just in time for a spider to crawl across my car windshield and scare the bloody hell out of me.

Plans tomorrow include Geocaching at OSU, taking pictures, and otherwise enjoying a beautiful autumn day. And maybe going dancing. Or just sleeping the day away... who knows!

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