Sunday, November 12, 2006

80's Dance

Big hair, neon colors, and spandex: welcome back to the 1980's! Tonight was one of the bigger "formal" dances at OSU. My day actually started much earlier, perhaps around 6am when I initially woke up with another horrible headache. I dozed as much as I could until 9am, then crawled out of bed in misery. Hoping food and drink would cure me, I had breakfast, but retreated to my bed not long after. Rachel called to say she was in town, so I met her for lunch. We talked for a good two hours, a much-needed diversion from my life lately. At 2pm, I felt well enough to drive a windy twenty miles back to Corvallis to take a Lindy Hop lesson from the Frankie Manning. Mr. Manning is 97 years old, a legend, and pretty much the guy that invented the form of Lindy Hop I know and do. How cool is that!? I learned some neat new moves, danced with a ton of guys, and smiled more than I have in several days. The next couple hours are kind of a blur between dinner and crimping my hair in a public bathroom. I crimped my hair with a real 1980's crimping iron (because Mom used that on my hair when I was a little girl), chopped a t-shirt just below my bustline, and cut out the neck. I had on big hoop earrings, make-up to my eyebrows, and with the big hair, I was... "stylin'" ... er, something. Part of me really hopes there are no pictures of this. It could come back to haunt me later.

Many friends asked about my recent break-up, and I felt very loved knowing that so many people care. Thank you to those people. :)

So much great dancing, so little time... gotta wrap this up because I could lose power at any second with the wind howling outside like it is. YAAAAY! for dancing!

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