Thursday, November 09, 2006

Aging and Thanks!

At first, I didn't feel 23. Turning 23 felt no different than being 22. But now, I feel like I've aged a whole year in a matter of two days. I previously mentioned that I felt my boyfriend was pulling away from me. As much as I didn't want that to be the case, he did confirm it. I can't say as though I was devastated. The reasons he gave me, the understanding I still lack, none of it belongs on my blog. At the moment, I'm not sure if we're together or if I'm single. Those are all the details you get.

I didn't sleep very well Monday night, and Tuesday was a long day. I woke up Wednesday feeling fairly good, but by 11:00am, I was going down. A headache came on suddenly, a horrible and nasty headache unlike any I've had. I finally realized when I was staring at the paper on my desk as I tried to push a pen across the surface and couldn't move the pen because my fingers wouldn't cooperate, it was time to go home. I don't know how I made it home, but I did, and then I slept hard for two hours. Feeling much better after a shower, I went dancing. Dunno if I got enough rest in the two-hour nap, or if I was on a dancing high, but I slept about an hour last night and had plenty of energy all day today.

My sister gave me Beyond Band of Brothers for my birthday, and I've been reading some every day. A fitting book, seeing that this Saturday is Veteran's Day, and I'll be the first in line to thank a veteran for their service. In a day where our leaders seek to limit freedom, I continue to support United States servicemen (and women, to be PC) that fight to uphold our Constitution. A big "THANK YOU" never seems like enough... but I do wish ALL of our veterans just that.