Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I hope I'm not getting sick. My boyfriend has been sick the last couple days, and my birthday is this Friday. If I'm sick, I'm going to be mad. The day started off okay. My parents got their bedroom back together last night (new carpet and paint this week), and I didn't stab myself with too many staples today. That said, I think I drank too much pop at lunch. While I only drink diet pops, I think the caffeine did me in. I was really shaky all afternoon--could hardly focus on work. They seem to give the whelp all the *fun* projects like looking up random statistics and unfiling things they told me to file yesterday. I couldn't keep warm all day either. I wore long, heavy pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a thermal fleece inside my office and couldn't get or stay warm. But, on an up note, I did make dinner tonight: spaetzle and sausage together -- sooooo tasty! Quite an experiment/experience that turned out beautifully. All those notions about me being bad in the kitchen have gone unfounded. However, I'm the first to prove that the kitchen is the most dangerous place. Now... off to bed early. Right after I work on some of this leftover Halloween candy... :)


Mom of Three said...

Between the time change, the weather change and whatever head cold is going around, everybody I know is completely hosed! Take care of yourself, lots of tea and rest. I have been to bed early the last three nights.

Jeff Waddell said...

Um, weren't you supposed to give the candy to trick or treaters? Or did you go out and steal some kid's candy? That's just mean.