Monday, November 06, 2006

Blog Year Retrospective

*Links are scattered throughout this post, just in case you can't see them, they're there!

One year ago, I hardly knew anything about the blogosphere. I was taking an English course that incorporated a blog as part of the curriculum, and my life has changed more than I ever anticipated in this last year. First, I BLOG! This blog is small and has few loyal readers, but it's a voice, an honest voice, and updated almost every day, a total of 275 posts in one year.

What has happened to me in one year? I found thirty Geocaches, learned to dance, and graduated college. I made friends and lost others. I quit two jobs, joined the "real world," and experienced amazing and wonderful things beyond my wildest expectations!

My social growth hit a new stride this last winter and spring as I began dancing. I decided that my college education wouldn't entirely revolve around science and lab work, so I took Ballroom I, then later a few other dance courses. Meeting boys, talking to people, forcing myself into these social situations... I'm a new person! I am more confident than ever before, plus I can dance. Emily would go dancing with me, and she created the most awkward situations sometimes, but we had a great time wherever we went. We both made it to Portland Dance Festival one evening, a long night! Blogging, too, allowed me to open up more than I ever thought possible. AND I meet other bloggers online. That's pretty cool. :)

One year ago, I was convinced I was going to become a teacher. I did two terms of student-teaching/observation in an elementary school and a middle school. One day, I did all the teaching when the teacher and her substitute didn't show up for school. I love the work, the feeling I get when I'm teaching. I'm good at it. But the graduate school at OSU didn't see things the same way, and I was not accepted. I took my state tests anyway, and passed all but the very last part of the last test, and I'm retaking that in two weeks. (If my grandmothers ask me one more time about that damn test, I swear, somebody's going to lose an eye.) I haven't given up my hope of teaching. I am, however, learning to be realistic. Perhaps I was not meant to teach. Perhaps I will be happy doing something else. I just don't know still...

I graduated college this last spring, immediately quit both of my jobs, and moved back home with my parents. That was hard, but it was a "now or never" situation. I spent all of July, August, and September looking for work. I don't have any idea how many résumés I sent out, but I went on ten or fifteen interviews, even an insane trip to Portland, before finally getting hired where I wanted to work in the first place (to a place I never even directly applied to). Now that I have a job, I get about one call a week from someone trying to set up an interview. I'm still living with my parents, a love/hate situation. I know I have it so easy, but every ounce of me doesn't want to have it this easy and wants to move out on my own again. Months to go, but only a matter of months.

A friend instilled in me a bit of a passion for riding motorcycles this last spring... I don't know if I'll ever forgive him. ;) Now, I hate to say it, but there are plans waaaaaay down the road to learn to ride by myself. Like, when I'm retired. Or in my late twenties... ;) I think I'm going to have to learn more about cars first--like, how to drive those weird "non-automatic" ones. Hmmmmm. I also learned how to fire a rifle, something I never thought I'd do. "Fun" isn't the word I'd use, but I'd do it again... target practice only.

I finally felt like a true photographer when I won two ribbons at the county fair this year. :) My photography appears everywhere on the blog, and I hope people enjoy it... yes? no?

And then there are the boys. February saw a brief relationship that I maintain didn't count, seeing that the boy didn't want to be a boyfriend for three of the five weeks. March through July saw some sparks, but mostly of clashing and not of passion. My social life dwindled through the summer as dancing Monday nights became my only outlet. I wasn't seeking a boyfriend, but found one anyway, and I'm pretty damn happy about the one I found. Now I'm just taking things one day at a time. :)

The little lessons I've learned, the moments I've shared, and the adventures... so many words. It's all here on the blog. WHAT A YEAR!


Mom of Three said...

When I was 23, I moved back in with my parents, after a stupid first marriage. He cheated on me, which everyone but me saw coming wayyyy down the pike, and I moved 600 miles away, in with my parents and began a new life.

It was great. I enrolled at Chico State. I biked like crazy. I eventually started dating and then I got my first dog, which I still have, though she is 15 now. It was hard living with them. It lasted four years!!! I moved into an economically depressed area and was in college, but yikes!

Yours won't last that long. You're done with college. Whew!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

It is nice to look back and review what you have accomplished, or not accomplished. If not for a review every now and then one can't measure if it is all worth it or not.

It sounds like you are in good shape to start the next set of adventures to reflect on next year.