Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ex-Boyfriend Oddities

A few more behind-the-scenes changes here at Uniquely Normal. My blog is now operating under a Creative Commons License. No fair stealing my pictures without proper citations, and now I have the law on my side. Okay, I didn't really need to do that, but I wanted to protect myself just a little bit in case I become famous or something...

I've added a less-obtrusive photo collage at the top of the page (it used to be down at the very bottom, but I'm pretty sure everyone ignored it). Please let me know if this is as distracting as the funny/violent blogging dude.

I switched to Firefox 2.0 today. Not sure if I like this or not yet...

Work is still crazy. I'm invested in this spreadsheet I started Tuesday that has over 11,000 lines in it, approximately ten columns of data. I didn't make the spreadsheet, that's for sure; no way anything of mine could possibly be that disorganized!

Visited with Grandma tonight - nice chat, short, but nice. She heard all about my boy drama, my work woes, my life frustrations, and offered her shiny gems of wisdom. There are very few people that can cut me down and build me up as fast as she can.

Speaking of boys... I was walking today, just thinking about ex-boyfriends. All... six of them. Get this: I'm not only on speaking terms with all of them, but I regularly see all of them as friends. Two of them live together (coincidence?), two of them are in the same (small) degree program, two of them dance, and I really can't get away from them if I wanted (which I don't). Is that weird? Is it me? Because I still like them all as friends, wish none of them harm, etc. I guess it's a good thing. Perhaps it's a way of saying, "Keep your friends close and your ex-boyfriends closer." Or... maybe I just have good friends...

That might be frustrating or hard for new guys in my life to understand: my very best friend (whom I have never dated) is a guy, and I'm still good friends with several ex-boyfriends. BUT, we are just friends. I know that when I come to a point where I intend to dedicate my time to a special guy, these other relationships might drift away. But until that point, there's no sense in shedding great friendships with truly awesome people that inspire me and make me laugh.

I've not been sleeping well the last few nights, so I need to wrap this up.
Yes, I need some chocolate.

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