Saturday, November 25, 2006

I Miss Play-doh Smell

Holidays really take the blogging out of me! I've been home most of the break so far, leaving once Thursday and once Friday, but only for a few hours each time. Thanksgiving came and went, not very exciting but still good. And yet my blog has been neglected. :(

I worked half a day on Wednesday, a very busy half day. Somehow I finished my work by noon and managed to walk all the way across campus in the pouring rain to have lunch with Jeff. My sister joined us, and then she and I carpooled back home on the backroads, spying very wet and flooded fields and ditches. Kinda looks like we're a bunch of rice growers here instead of grass farmers.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at home. Mom, with some help from each of us, created a very healthy feast. We had slow-cooked turkey breasts, mashed potatoes, a super-dry stuffing made with cornbread and obviously not cooked in a bird since we just had the breasts, green beans without a nasty cream sauce, and a fruit salad thingy (for my sister). She did make crescent rolls from scratch, and while those were probably the most unhealthy part of the meal, there weren't hardly any left. No cranberry sauce, no butter or sour cream, a very light gravy, and it was one of the most amazing Thanksgiving dinners I've ever had! After dinner, we drove to Albany to my grandparents' house for dessert and to visit my cousins and their 2-year-old, Brock (more about him later).

Black Friday indeed. The day had not yet dawned when I got up, ready to shop with Mom. We didn't leave until 6:30am, had a quick stop to Dutch Bros., and made it to Fred Meyer, Target, and K-Mart for some crazy shopping. We didn't really buy anything for anybody else... a few toys and some socks. :) I expected the stores to be filled with people, but they weren't bad at all. I kinda rebelled against the consumerist propaganda and faux-sales... right up until I spied a Nerf gun I couldn't live without. I'm such a kid!

My cousins went to the OSU/UO game, so Mom and I babysat Brock for them. He's growing like a weed, although infinitely more loved. Since the camping trip, his vocabulary has gone crazy! He's totally into Disney's Cars, and I got to hear all about Mater and Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson. Dad popped the movie in and the four of us watched it, Mom and Brock sleeping through most of it, I think. CUTE movie!!! After the naps, we played with Play-doh (mmm, I missed that smell!) and shot Nerf guns and played with a wind-up Mater truck. The day was really fun.

Except now I really want kids. NOW. I can't even explain it...

I had a nice conversation with Emily on the phone, and later in the day, Matthew introduced me to his girlfriend and then we visited for a long time. I think I'm doing something with Rachel tomorrow... so good to talk to these people. :) And SO great to have a social life!

And the Beavers won the Civil War. Can't complain about that! :)

So that leaves today, a long day already, but I think it will be good. I've been designing custom graphics to use in this year's calendar. I'm primarily working with Fireworks, and I think I have thirteen done with two or three left. I am also using my own photography as the background and image again this year, perhaps with two exceptions (since I don't really get out to take snowy pictures for December or January). The calendars should be done by next weekend.

Upon checking my stat counter, I've noticed much traffic from someone registering an ISP in Albany, Oregon. I don't know who you are, but you're here quite often, lurking... hi. :)

I woke up to homemade, still-warm cinnamon rolls this morning. How yummy is that? :P

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I bet that's me, "much traffic from someone registering an ISP in Albany". Don't worry, I'm not stalking Miss Jaggy. You're one of many blogs that I have programmed into my "tabs" setting, so when I open that folder, all of those blogs pop open. So it looks like I visit a dozen times a day, when I'm reading many different things. You have a very sweet blog though, and it's refreshing to read your perspective.
Glad you had a nice thanksgiving,