Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lesson Learned, kinda

Monday came and went. I had a horrible Panda Express experience that shall remain undisclosed, but to say that I could not finish my meal will suffice. "Orange chicken" my ass... so I didn't really get lunch. After work, I picked my sister up from the on-campus clinic--she'd gotten sick in her lab, a result of hypoglycemia and nasty smells--and drove her across campus to her car so she could drive home. I spent the next few hours with a friend, losing a game of cribbage and generally being unhappy about life, then went dancing. So until 8pm Monday night, I'd pretty much only eaten breakfast and some granola bars that weren't even close to filling me up.

Dancing was a very trying experience. I'm a confident Lindy Hopper, especially with the traditional savoy style. This week, the "instructor" focused on Hollywood-style Lindy Hop, a very smooth and newer version of the dance. I thought I'd give the new style a try. And I did, I swear, I did. The instruction for the leads was hurried and choppy, lacking explanation of footing or the movements beyond, "watch this, do what I do." For follows, we merely got a, "try this, this, and this, ready, GO!" We endured frequent interruptions and what appeared to be a total lack of organization. Furthermore, the "instructor" had his choice of three females to use in his demonstration of steps and completely disregarded one of them: me! I was just as able and willing as the other two girls to show footwork, yet my talent went ignored. Ordinarily, I'd be happy to sit out and work with guys individually, but I'd been asked to help teach too. This just pissed me off, especially when the other two girls walked off the floor for a moment. So the lesson went on, and being a circular dance, we spun around and around hundreds of times. I became exceedingly dizzy, compounded by my empty stomach, rather significant dehydration (I'll never learn), and overheating. Thankfully, the lesson ended before anyone ended up on the floor. Well, until I got outside and the cold air hit me hard... then I sank onto a bench for a few minutes. Took a few more to gather myself and drive home.

While I do not like the newer style of Lindy Hop and will probably never use it (seeing that I never really understood it due to poor explanations), I'm still proud of myself for sticking it out and trying to get it.

My Tuesday has been busy. I wrapped up the big final report I've been laboring away on all of last week and yesterday. I sorted through another file box of field applications, entered more data, gathered information about some people, had lunch with my sister, and counted and entered a box of tags. Not bad for a day...

Not to mention that I'm sore from dancing, mad at myself, and mostly unhappy. Guess if you want more than that, e-mail or call me.

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The Guy Who Writes This said...

Don't worry, your feelings will change to that of overload tomorrow.