Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Jaggy's Slush Fund"

I'm in the middle of writing a year-long retrospective for my blog, and I just have the urge to post about my day yesterday. Mom and Dad took me to Salem for dinner and to go shopping. JC Penney is having a huge blanket sale, so they bought a new blanket for their bed and gave me the second one (buy one, get one for $0.99) as a birthday present. Since I have a twin bed, they suggested I get a twin-size blanket. They got a king-size blanket, so I could have anything of "equal or lesser value" for the advertised $0.99. HELL YEAH! I'm getting a huge blanket! Okay, so I only ended up getting a full-size blanket, but it's HUGE. And it's a double-weight flannel that I'm currently all wrapped up in, toasty warm.

Did I ever mention that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE blankets? Uh huh, I do.

We also spotted a great sale on some fleece pullovers (yes, I know they're, like, SO last semester), so Mom tossed those on as birthday loot. At least I'll stay warm this winter (hopefully, because it's really never happened before).

In the 18 months I lived on my own, I wasn't paying my parents for my car insurance or cell phone bill. They offered to help me out with those while I paid for my day-to-day expenses and school (because my parents almost never helped me out with school--that was my responsibility). BUT! Now that I'm out of school and working, I have to pay them all of the insurance and cell phone bills. I'm okay with that, I really am. Well, I was. Until last night. Mom came in to show me the "grand total" that I owe (there's nothing grand about it, let me tell you), and I spotted her title. "Jaggy's Slush Fund." Seriously, Mom, WHAT THE ??????? That's an awful name for that particular debt. Can't you call it, "What You Owe Us" or something grown-up? It sounds like I'm paying for snowcones or bad weather. I'm sure I'll look back on this someday and laugh. Like tomorrow. :)

We were coming south on I-5 when all of the OSU/UO traffic was headed back north. Dad slowed the car to a stop just as we turned from I-5 onto Hwy 34. As far as you can see south on I-5, the northbound lane was a parking lot. As far as you can see west on eastbound Hwy 34, another parking lot. My favorite part? There was hardly a car visible on Hwy 34 east of I-5. Lebanon isn't on the main route, and I'm okay with that. No traffic is DEFINITELY okay with me!

My boyfriend has been alternating between sick and not-so-sick this week. I've been up and down myself, though not nearly to the same degree (temp pun not intended). After some searching, I realized that we'd been "officially" dating one month exactly on my birthday (though I only celebrate full-year anniversaries, because "anniversaries" only happen once per year, duh). I think he's pulling away a little bit, though I could be totally wrong. He'll read this and probably mentally stutter, but I'm just thinking out loud. I'm okay with space, and I know guys need their time and space too. When he's ready, he'll come back. :)

Blogging while eating whoppers and sprees... after a breakfast of donuts. *twitch*

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