Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Out for a Walk"

Sizzling rain sounded
upon the dark, steep-banked creek,
an undertow visible against
the weathered surface current.

I pushed back my hood to
better listen,
the force of tugging on my jacket
causing tiny droplets to fly off and further soak the
slimy grey-brown bridge
upon which I stood.

Lingering a moment, I spied
a puddle forming in the grass
in a low spot where the wooden bridge
joined the road.

The grass seemed as if it were enjoying
the mud, the shower, the inevitable flood,
turning green and standing straighter.

Then, chilled by the cold and
noticing a fog
forming in the area, I headed home
along an undefined path,
traversing streets and sidewalks, puddles and streams alike.

My jacket collar rubbed on my cheek,
cold and wet, stealing every
degree of heat from my face.

A bird called; I am not sure
what kind of bird, but it made
a beautiful ‘cree-ee’ and
followed me for a while.

My feet took me out of the way
to displace the water from a
shallow pool, and then
back to safety out of the street.

Rain dripped
from my hair and face,
rivulets running down and
off my nose.

Both crunchy and soggy
leaves were stomped,
indifferent to the age or size of shoe,
a childish gesture not yet lost.

Gurgling water
in the gutter called to me, and
splashing did ensue.

I finally pulled myself
from the showery wonderland
to the dry confines of a patio,
shaking water off of myself,
and pausing one last time
to listen
to the rain.

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