Sunday, November 19, 2006

Praxis II, Running out of Letters

I can't wait for Monday. This was not a good weekend.

Friday night was not fun. I got roped into stripping caulking out of two bathrooms, and while I enjoy fixing house stuff, this was not exactly what I'd intended. I went to bed fairly early, sleeping poorly for about the fifth night in a row.

Saturday dawned far too early, a wasted morning working on the blog and accomplishing nothing. I left town around 1:45pm, drove to Monmouth/WOU to take my Praxis II: General Science Content Essays. There were only three people taking the test. One of those examinees also attended OSU, and she informed me that the State of Oregon does not require the essay portion of the General Science Content Knowledge exams. Well, fuck! I passed everything else already, this was the last part I guess I didn't really need to take. The good news is that I had the experience under my belt from last time, so I kinda knew what to expect: one solid hour of writing as fast as possible. I scratched out my three essays, takin 58 minutes to do so. I absolutely could not write another line when it was over. Guess I'm not supposed to tell you what the questions were about, but... I will anyway! The first question was a chemistry-oriented lab write-up involving vitamin C, orange juice, starch, and iodine. I had to design an experiment using these things, then write a hypothetical lab report. The second question was two-fold, the first part about how one type of rock becomes another, and the second part about how a pebble of gneiss (metamorphic rock) ended up in a river. The third question was about the carbon cycle and how burning fossil fuels affects the carbon cycle. I guess a background/degree in General Science prepared me well, because I had answers (right or wrong) for every question. I think I wrote six or seven solid pages, plus some diagrams. Hopefully I passed, not that I needed to... grrrrrrrrr.

My day began later today, finally a decent night of sleep, although overheated mostly. I think five layers bedding including an electric blanket, flannel sheets, and a down comforter might be a bit much. I accomplished very little until 3pm, laundry and a movie being the extent of my exertions. The movie was excellent! I've wanted to see "The General's Daughter" for quite some time, and only today made the time while it was on TV. John Travolta is one of those actors I can't make my mind up about... he's one weird dude, but he's one hell of an actor.

I went for a walk this afternoon. That made me feel good, walking down the street in puddles and in the rain... I have some poetry coming up about that.

I was in the middle of this post when I ran out of letters. I got eleven lines written when all of a sudden, the letters stopped appearing on the screen. My keyboard... died. No more letters.

And then I found more batteries. I have letters again. Lucky you. :)

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