Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to the Blog!

It may not have been the black plague, but it was still a nasty cold. I ended up taking Tuesday off of work, hoping that I'd be able to work Wednesday. I went in on Wednesday, but I was sneezing and generally not well enough to work, so I left at noon. I crashed hard Wednesday afternoon and evening, and took Thursday off to really recuperate. I probably could have worked yesterday, except that my post-nasal drip caused me to gag constantly, and I couldn't really keep food down for long. Is that too much information? I don't care. :) I survived another cold.

My weekend plans have all disappeared, been canceled, or changed, so I'm kinda left wondering what to do. I'm healthy, happy, and bored. Which only leads to trouble. Or a whole lot of solitaire. Somebody? Anybody...?

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