Sunday, December 10, 2006

Dancing in Portland II

I danced through blisters, through pain, and through some weird songs...

Friday night, Emily came into Corvallis, and we went out to dinner with some friends. The event itself wasn't too exciting, but I really enjoyed spending time with Emily. I miss my old roommates terribly. I never thought I'd be able to live with other people, and sure, they drove me a little nuts at times, but I miss them every day. Mostly, I miss being able to hear them giggling down the hallway, just a few steps if I needed to laugh or talk.

While at dinner on Friday, Emily mentioned that there would be a dance up in Portland on Saturday night. I knew I had a big project at home to complete this weekend, but I really wanted to go dancing. After some persuasion, I convinced a friend to drive up with me, and probably ten or so of us from OSU were there, including Emily. We danced. And we danced. Mostly West Coast, but some Nightclub Two-step and Foxtrot as well... three and a half hours of dancing. I think I only sat down through one song. I was really happy that I danced the whole time -- but holy crap, between my sore feet and aching knees, I was limping back to the car at the end of the night. The crowd shifted to Shari's, where we waited a decade for ice water, laughed over some insanely good french toast, and then laughed some more. I didn't get home until 3:45am and finally slid into bed around 4:15am. My WCS skills improved dramatically over the course of the night. I got to dance with some very cool guys, especially one kick-ass Lindy with a great lead (from OSU, of course). I danced with a couple strangers... some of the guys were a little too clingy if you ask me, but maybe that's just how people up there dance. I'm used to the polite, respectful guys at OSU that don't run their hands in my "no zone."

The only obnoxious part of last night was the spinning. I love to spin when I'm dancing! I do not, however, like it when a guy sends me out for a spin and yanks my arm back before I'm done with the rotation. I know I hurt my shoulder dancing last weekend. I'm even more positive I didn't do it any good this weekend.

BUT!!! Whiny as I may be, those sore muscles are looking awfully good again. I need to work out or dance or do something before that secretarial "spreading ass disease" takes over.

Got up this morning around 11am, motivated enough to clean my car (detailed the inside), and did some laundry. That's enough for one weekend, I think...

Yeah, time for food, heating pads, blankets, and sleep.

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