Thursday, December 28, 2006

Life Goes On

Life has been good lately, if not a little repetitive. Work is work... mostly good. I might be more satisfied right now if I weren't so burned out on doing the same thing for eight hours straight every day. Not like I get tired of being there, but just typing numbers, tabbing to the next field, and then typing more numbers--definitely not glamorous. I can't complain, though, because I'm learning a lot in the process.

Lebanon recently lost a valued citizen. Dee Carter passed away late last week. He lived a stone's throw from my family's Century Farm. My father and grandmother attended the funeral, and Dad's cousin acted as a pallbearer. You can read a neat story about him here and read the obituary here. -- A quick but neat story: I took a pre-education course for my option (like a minor) in college and met a nice girl. While driving to a teaching opportunity, I mentioned I was from Lebanon. The girl told me her grandpa lived here. I don't know very many people here, but I asked who he was anyway. When she mentioned that her grandfather was Dee Carter, I literally gasped out loud. I ran home and called Grandma to have her explain again how we are related to the Carters. After some diagramming and careful thought, I learned that I was actually related to a girl in my class, third cousins once removed. How weird is that?

In an effort to spend more time on myself this week, I cut my hair last night and actually did my nails for the first time in eons. They're all shiny now, but no polish. Nail polish is icky.

I haven't been sleeping well at all this week, just a few hours each night. I will get in bed and lay there, tossing and turning, tangling up in my sheets. I wake up unrested and cranky. I'm very tired now.

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Mom of Three said...

Do you cut your own hair??? I never could get how people were able to do that without totally boffing it.

I keep a nail file in my car just so I can file them at stop lights. Otherwise, forget it.

I am also a notoriously bad sleeper. You know what's helped tons? I listen to audiobooks. Seriously, it's wonderful! You can even get them from the public library for free!

I'm lucky, I have and iPod, so if I fall asleep, it's just a second before I get back to the place I last heard. Cassettes are longer...

Are you getting enough exercise? That helps too...good luck with that one.