Sunday, December 03, 2006

Punk Dance

I had a great weekend! Saturday morning, my parents and I went to Eugene and did some serious shopping. I didn't buy much, just some beautiful black gloves so my hands won't freeze in the mornings while I chip the ice off my car (plus the gloves were 55% off!) and two shirts. Saturday evening, I finished up the calendars for the family, a huge yearly endeavor that leaves me stressed and frustrated trying to out-do myself every year. But they're done and they look really good, so I'm happy with them.

Today has been great as well. I cleaned a ton of stuff out, getting rid of some crap I've had for years and never touched. I finished my costume for the dance tonight, and then I visited my grandma for a while. Later, I went to a friend's house and watched Departed on DVD. Not sure exactly how he got a DVD of a movie still in theaters, but I didn't ask and he didn't tell, so that's okay with me. The movie was good... though I still think Donnie Brasco is a much better film of that genre. Then I went to the last "formal" dance of the term.

The dance theme this time was "punk." I definitely went punk. I had on a tight black shirt that I'd put safety pins all along the bottom edge, a pair of parachute-style pants (kinda) that were strategically safety-pinned, dance shoes, and a safety pin choker. I had black lines on my fingernails, and I'd tattooed myself earlier in the day with black ink (my name in elvish, and a pirate symbol). OH! And my make-up was soooooo good. Eyeliner and dark eyeshadow... I was as close to being a goth punk as one can get, but the pants were dark green so I looked more punk than goth. And to all the people out there that say "punk is a way of life," no, I'm sorry, you're wrong. Buddhism is a way of life. Vegan is a way of life. Punk is a fashion mistake gone trendy. Punk does not define you, rather you define your level of punk. Tonight, I was punk. :)

Got cornered by a weird guy tonight for about ten minutes. Was really hoping somebody would come along and rescue me, but nobody did. I'm going to have to find a wingman or something... I do owe a special thanks to a very cool guy for cleaning up my Viennese waltz tremendously, and thanks to another sweet guy for letting me hijack our WCS to the point of being distracting. :) I love that dance...

So the night was really fun! I'll try to see if anybody got pictures, then post links/pics for y'all...

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