Saturday, December 16, 2006

Slippery Floors

My mother Pledged my bathroom woodwork today and got Pledge on the vinyl floor. The woodwork looks beautiful and shiny and bright. The floor... also... looks shiny and bright. Until you set one sock-encased foot on it and slide with enough velocity to ricochet off the tub, toilet, and cabinet at the same time. We have some rugs in there, in front of the sink for example, that have a "sticky" rubber backing. When the floor is so freakin' slick that the sticky rubber glides effortlessly, you know you've got OCD issues. There are ice rinks with more friction than my bathroom floor. I could practice curling in there, I swear! My favorite part: stepping from the slick floor into the shower. Once your feet pick up just a tiny bit of that Pledge and you step onto a hard, already wet flooring... oh, it's all over. I think I took dancing in the shower to a whole new art form. I really appreciate that Mom was trying to make things look good. I'm not very swift most of the time, so the slick floor is kind of adding insult injury to injury.

Otherwise, today was pretty good. I called the friend that I had dinner/dancing with earlier in the week and asked him to go shopping with me. We met, wandered, talked, laughed... even had a fantastic lunch. I really don't like shopping, but I'm almost done anyway, and the day with him was nice. :)

*NOTE* a link has been added in the "Posts of Note" section to another blog post that links to my MySpace music profile. YOU CAN LISTEN TO ME PLAYING THERE!

After inspiring the "Nick Names" post by 'Mr. The Guy Who Writes This' over at Astoria Oregon Rust (a totally cool blog), he had this to say about me (more shameless self-promotion to boost my already bursting ego): "Jaggy, I read you every day. Even if I don't comment very often, I'm still a devoted reader. Some days you inspire me, and some days I'd just like to take you out for ice cream and tell you everything will be OK." --- I like ice cream. :) Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughts.

I'm smiling. :)

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The Guy Who Writes This said...

Jaggy, you may want to mention that it is the Nick Name article. You don't want your readers throwing rocks and garbage at you for inspiring the rest of the junk I write.