Friday, December 01, 2006

So Why "Jaggy"?

The reason to watch JAGIt all started one Tuesday night in seventh grade. Dad suggested I join him for an hour while a military law show aired on TV. He turned the TV on, and adjusted the channel to the show. A few people stood there on the screen in dark uniforms, and I distinctly remember them standing in a rose garden. The rest of the episode is a blur, but addicted might be an understatement. JAG changed my life. That smile... the handsome David James Elliott kept me watching JAG for the rest of the show's lifetime. I taped every episode I watched, usually while I watched it. There was a time in eighth grade where I'd watch the original airing, then I'd rewind immediately and rewatch the episode, then I'd go to bed and get up very early to watch it again before going to school. I have seen a couple episodes so many times that I've memorized the order of the commercials. I tried writing a fanfic once, but it never turned out--I couldn't write the courtroom scenes very well as an eighth grader. My friends eventually refused to listen to me babble on about my show. They called me "obsessed." None of my friends or family understood. I tried explaining that JAG was more than just a TV show. Character chemistry, dynamic plots, consistent writing, good photography, cheap/cheesy special effects stolen from movies, and some killer one-liners lightened my life for years. I literally grew up with JAG. I learned my geography, the phonetic alphabet (useful, surprisingly), how to figure time zones, military ranks and insignia, plenty of courtroom terms, how to evade poachers in the woods, and how to crash an F-14 without killing myself.

By high school, I earned a nickname. My friends started calling me "Jaggy." I hated it. The name didn't fit with the online terms, and I really wanted to have a better nickname. Time has passed, and I've accepted the nickname, though no one calls me that anymore. I'm pretty sure there are three people out there that don't know my real first name, because they always called me "Jaggy."

JAG ended its glorious ten-season run in 2005. I guess I know how people felt when M*A*S*H* ended: someone could have burned the house down around me, because there is no way I was going to miss that episode. I didn't cry, but it was still the end of an era for me. I was there for the rose garden, crashed planes, "the kiss," "the deal," trips to Russia, promotions, kidnapping, births, a wedding, and dozens of courtroom moments. LOL, I'm still a huge fan!

Watching and growing up a die-hard JAG fan wasn't a bad thing. From a young age, I was exposed to many things. I understand more and am interested in knowing more about history, politics, diplomacy, foreign countries, law, the military, and airplanes. JAG helped to shape the individual I am today, without question. I think it made me more thankful too, of the liberties I have and the people protecting them.

Of course, I will always have a special place in my heart for a tall, dark, handsome lawyers in dress whites and gold wings... and I still think Tuesdays ought to be declared holidays.

That sounds like the long of it... of why I'm "Jaggy." Any questions?


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for the fun read and memories.


Mom of Three said...

Huh. I almsot thought it was a Rolling Stone thing.

Or maybe you bit your nails.

Jaggy said...

HAHA! I have no idea what the Rolling Stone thing is in reference to... sooooo uncultured, I know. :(

I do bite my cuticles. That freaks people out. I've just always done it...

elle said...

David James Elliott has been a fav of mine for the past couple of decades. Before he made his presence known internationally he was on a Canadian show called Street Legal. A pretty good show, made infinitely more watchable by his adorable face!

Babylicious said...

I would just like to say that I very much enjoy your blogs. I think I came across your page through Google, I'm not exactly sure what I was looking for, but ever since I've been a fan. There's something real and admirable when complete strangers open up a part of their life (in a positive way) to share with the world.

darlingclementine said...

I agree completely with the above post. You inspired me to start my own blog. :)
It's not much, yet. But I aspire to be as honest, witty, and...well, admirable, as yourself.